What Indians Wished For This Diwali: A UC web Analysis

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UC Browser, India's No. 1 mobile browser, received a whopping response to its Diwali Wishes campaign on browser and social media channels. Nearly 1.5 million wishes have been made on UC Browser by users across the country under the #WishWithUC campaign, offering a peek into the national sentiment.

UC Browser worked with Yuvraj Singh and launched rounds of wish collection as part of the "#HarGharUCDiwali" campaign across Facebook, Twitter and UC Browser, to reward its creative wishmakers and lucky users. Many creative wishes appeared to be touching and inspiring, in which some of them were quite interesting.

Part of the campaign, to stimulate original Diwali wishes, has received tens of thousand posts tagged with #WishWithUC on Facebook and Twitter. The wish content corresponds closely to the finding from a psychological study and the experimental result from a paper, as the majority of wishes are related to individual requests, happiness, and helping others, aimed at self, family, friends and the underprivileged. Here are the most covered and popular wishes from its users.

Uc In Diwali Campaign

The statistics of wishes for one's own benefit is, especially, true for the wishes uploaded through the interactive game on UC Browser. Among those wishes, the wish for a new iPhone 6s accounts for the most, followed by the wishes for wealth and happiness to the family. Besides the aforementioned, some more findings and inferences may interest you or make you proud:

Yuvraj fans account for nearly 30% of the wishes
As Yuvraj was appointed to interact with the users and collect their wishes within the game, some wishes on the list related closely to him. It ended up with nearly 30% of the total wishes involving Yuvraj, indicating that many UC Browser users are fans of Yuvraj and they would rather meet their favourite cricket star to make their Diwali special this year.

Fraternity among people of all religions, wherever they are
Some participants did spread the idea that Diwali is about togetherness. People of different races and religions, around the globe, are welcomed to enjoy the festivities during Diwali, as sweetness should be shared with an open mind. Here is a short conversation between two wishmakers on UC Browser's Facebook page:

Shah Umer Shah: # we can't celebrate it according to our religion but I wish Hindu brothers Happy Diwali Mubarak and I hope I will win something from U and UC BROWSER is my favourite browser.
Sudipta Sarkar: Religion not a wall. Diw(ali) pe ali he aur (Ram)jan pe Ram he.

Uc In Diwali Campaign

Advocate of a greener Diwali
With a recent plea for restriction on burning firecrackers rejected, the controversy about the tradition of burning crackers still goes on, and many people showed a concern about the environment and safety issues caused by firecrackers in their Diwali wishes. Those who called for a pollution-free Diwali also suggested on helping the needy with the money saved from the expense of crackers.

Uc In Diwali Campaign

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