How To Recognize Toxic People In Your Life

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The people with whom we spend our time have a huge impact on our lives knowingly or unknowingly. We somehow try to act, think and behave like them, as it is a human nature to imbibe the qualities of a person who is near to us either physically or mentally.

Our brain subconsciously learns the things that others do; and, not only that, we try to get impacted by them in a positive or negative way. If you have friends or colleagues whom you trust and you blindly act on their advice, you must know what kind of an impact they have in your life.

Sometimes, the people around you may be toxic and may slow or destruct your self-confidence. These people are like snakes who silently bite a person and the poison slowly spreads to the whole body, hence are known as toxic people.

These toxic people can never have warm feelings for you; however, they keep you in a deception of being your well wishers. In this article, we will help you to recognise such toxic people in your life whom you have to avoid at any cost.


They Are Hurtful

Toxic people always find opportunities to hurt you either by their words or actions. They try to let you down always and pretend as if they are your well wishers. You must learn to handle them smartly and never get hurt emotionally, as their only job is to spread hatred in you.


They Are Always Stressed

Another sign of toxic people is that they are never happy in life. They keep cribbing and complaining about life and are never happy. They also make you think the negative aspect of life and never let you enjoy the little beautiful things around. Remember to be thankful and show gratitude to others for a nice happy life.


They Discourage You

The best people around you are those who keep on motivating you even if any of your work is not up to the mark. However, if you have friends who keep discouraging you, they are toxic people in your life and these are the people you should stay away from.


They Speak Bad About Others

If a person gossips with you then he/she may gossip about you as well. Another sign of toxic people is that they keep saying bad things about others and about those whom they don't even know anything about. Hence, stay away from these set of people who have no work other than criticising others.


They Always Act Like A Sufferer

Even if it is their mistake, they will never admit it but will keep blaming others. These people always keep your mind engaged with their own fake "so called" sufferings. But the truth is that they make others to suffer and in turn act like being a sufferer. So, be aware of these kind of toxic people.


They Never Look At Their Flaws

Toxic people will never analyse and correct their flaws, but will always point a finger at others. This makes them adamant; and since they don't look at their own mistakes, they can never make themselves a good person. They always believe that they are right and others are always wrong.


They Have Complicated Addictions

You must have seen some of your friends having an unexplained addiction towards some of the social networking websites, television, shopping, being self-obsessed, other addictions, etc, that ruin their long-term happiness. This is one of the common signs of toxic people. They may kill your productive time by keeping you engaged and run away when it's their turn to work.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 22, 2015, 16:12 [IST]
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