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These 7 Signs Show That You Are Disrespecting Yourself

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Every human is unique and has been created for a special purpose. We need to maintain our unique habits and qualities, which no other person possesses on earth. No one can live a life that is disrespectful. May be, for a certain period of time, we may have to compromise, but in the longer run no human can tolerate disrespect. You have to stop insulting yourself and showing to people that you are a low-grade person, and instead start respecting your values.

How To Get The Inner Peace

Some people may hide their inner self and try to pretend to be someone they are not. Always, "be yourself" that is the biggest respect you can give to yourself. Another thing would be to do is to stop saying "yes" to others at the cost of your time. You must know your worth and value.

For others to respect you, you must respect them. "What goes around comes around", always remember this. Also, if you will respect yourself, others will respect you. This is very important to live a happy life. Your happiness is also dependent on your respect. Without self-respect there can be no happiness in life. Give respect to yourself and to others too to live a life that is respectful and happy.

7 Signs That Show You Are Sensitive

Here are some signs, which show that you are not respecting yourself enough. Avoid doing these things and try to respect yourself.


Saying Yes To Others

Being too nice has its own disadvantages. Remember, when you are saying yes to others, you might be saying no to yourself. Never be too soft and nice that you will forget your own worth.


You Show What You Are Not

Sometimes, in order to gain favours, we all do some moulding of our nature to make ourselves appear better in front of others. This is also disrespecting yourself, as you are not accepting what you are and feel ashamed of the fact.


You Always Agree With Others

Agree with a person's view only when you really mean it. If you are just nodding your head and saying yes to everything that he or she says, this means that you don't have any opinion of your own and just go with the flow. This indeed means that you are not respecting yourself.


Follow What Others Say

You must have your own opinion about things, what is good or bad. Following others advice is good, but you must not blindly follow it; and if you do, it means that you are disrespecting yourself.


You Hide Your Feelings

It is fine to express what you are feeling. If someone has humiliated you by any means, show that you can't take it, express your resentment and take a stand, so that next time he/she won't humiliate you. This is very important to show yourself some self-respect. However, be polite in your way of expressing. It is not about fighting, but about demanding respect.


You Make Yourself A Doormat

When you always make others happy without caring about your own happiness, you are disrespecting yourself. You are responsible for their happiness and sorrows, yet you must also have a control over yours. Stop being stupid in the act of making others happy. However, you can do that for sometime, but not always.


You Live In Bad Company

Hanging out with people who don't match with your living values and standards, can make you agree to their thoughts and this may even change you for the worst. Try to mingle with people who share the same thoughts and ideas as you. Don't make yourself available for everyone. It is better to be alone rather than being with a bad companion.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 24, 2015, 22:01 [IST]
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