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Reasons Why Having An Elder Sister Is Awesome

By Archana Mukherji

Sibling love is just incomparable. That too, an elder sister is just amazing, because she would be your first and best friend. You fight with her every day without fail to make your day, but finally it is all due to the love that you share with each other, makes you possessive about each other. If you have an elder sister, then just consider that you are really blessed in life!!

Elder Sister As A Friend

Your elder sister has been the guinea pig to come across all awkward situations in life and she is there to protect you from all these bad instances. She warns you in advance about people around you, guides you to carry yourself in public places and always keeps an eye on you to ensure that you are safe.

She helps you in wearing the best attire that suits you, being cautious that it is perfect for you. With an elder sister at home, you hardly have to go to the beauty parlours for a facial or a manicure. The days when you sit with your elder sister and get your own facials done together will just be an evergreen memory in your lifetime.

When it comes to education, your sister though does not force you to take up a course of her liking, definitely stays by you in helping you select the course that best would suit you and that would be interesting for you as well. She is aware of the job opportunities and market trend and her research on that is very helpful for you to study accordingly.

Elder Sister As A Teacher

Your elder sister will be your teacher right from young age. I have personally had the experience of my elder sister having taught me hell a lot of things. She tries to learn things from your mom, friends and people around her and teaches all of them to you. So you hardly have to reach out to someone else for help. You get it all sitting at one place and everything becomes a cake walk for you. She tries all the best of the recipes several times on a trial and error basis and finally gives you the perfect recipe, such that you can hardly fail.

Elder Sister As A Supporter

There are times when you want to go for parties or movies and your parents are resistant about it. You might have a nosy neighbour who would complain about you to your parents for having seen you bunk your classes and go out with your friends. Do not worry, your elder sister will support you in getting all the permissions and overcome such incidents. She has already gone through all these situations and knows how it feels like going out with friends, though your parents do not understand the same. She has had those feelings as you have today and will definitely help you.

Your elder sister will hold your hand when you get scared of something, though she is tired.

Most importantly, an elder sister will always love you and never stop looking out for you. Even when you are away from her, she will try to find out if things are going well with you. They are God's best gifts and no wonder, always the best!

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Story first published: Sunday, February 1, 2015, 2:08 [IST]