Crazy Things Indians Do At Hotels

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"All good hotels tend to lead people to do things they wouldn't necessarily do at home." - Andre Balazs

Do you think Indians behave their normal self when they go to a hotel, agree to this statement or not? It is usually said that hotels are a home away from home, and most people who check-in do some of the silliest things possible!

According to recent stats, it is stated that Indians are commonly known for spending long hours in the bathroom; and those hours tend to get longer, if the hotel bathroom is blessed with a bath tub. Likewise, there are a handful of Indians who get carried away with toiletries and that mini-bar too. They also get crazy and act kiddish when they see that soft cushion-spring bed.

If you have gone to a hotel recently and have played some of the craziest pranks, here are some of the other things most of the other Indians do, just like yourself. You should take a look at the common crazy things that Indians get away with, when they check-in to a hotel room in the city.

If you're one among them, this list mentioned below might just frighten you!

crazy things indians do at hotels

Spending Hours Together In the Bathroom
If the hotel room is blessed with a bath tub, Indians go crazy by spending most of their hours floating in that round pool, soaking in their own dirt. That's definitely weird!

Ravaging The Mini-bar In The Room
One of the crazy things Indians do at hotels after checking in is going through the mini bar, and if the prices mentioned on the list are way too high to digest, they don't hesitate to sneak in some local booze.

crazy things indians do at hotels

Ordering In Too Much Of Food
Looking at that long menu at the hotel room is a pass time for few people who check-in. But, for those who order in everything, their eyes can set upon everything in the menu! It is a common habit most Indians follow when they stay at a hotel.

crazy things indians do at hotels

Taking Advantage Of That View
Most of us check-in to hotels to get a peace of mind and to get away from the outside world. But, there are some people who simply splurge money on hotel rooms just to sit outside and spend time looking at the view from the hotel room window.

Bagging Away The Toiletries
Bagging away the toiletries and filling up the bag to the brim is another dirty habit most Indians make use of, as soon as they check-in to a hotel. Haven't you done this too?

crazy things indians do at hotels

Jumping On That Bed
Jumping on that spring bed and making the best use of those bouncy pillows is one of the habits most Indians love to do when they check-in to hotel rooms.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 24, 2015, 5:00 [IST]
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