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10 Mean Things Not to Say to Couples Who Have No Kids

By Debdatta Mazumder

Having kids completes your family, but that doesn't mean you have any right to tell any mean things not to say to a childless couples. Remember, those whom you are telling any mean words regarding this may be your relatives or friends. So, what is in it to hurt them more when they are already in pain?

There are certain things not to say to childless couples. It is wonderful that you have your own kids. But you will never feel the pain when your casual questions like “are not you growing old?” or “pets are not your child, you know” become how much painful to them. It feels awkward and they try to give answers but the insult you have done make them spellbound at the moment.

Children are the gifts of the almighty that one can get. But may be the Father of Heaven has planned something different for those who don’t have their own child. There are lots of kids who have lost their parents for some reason. May be it is God’s Will to make you realise that such kids also crave for parental love. So, adoption is also a process to have your child. Still, you should be careful about your words even when some childless couples are sharing their problems with you. Here is the list of 10 things not to say to childless couples-

1. So, When Are You Guys Getting Started? - This comes first among 10 things not to say to childless couples. Suppose your friend or relative get married at not early age. If you tell them such words that would be so embarrassing.

2. Why Don’t Two Of You Have Kids? – Among things not to say to childless couples, this is important. Your direct question is emotionally painful to childless couples as they try to find answers to explain but they themselves know that situation is not on their favour.

3. Don’t You Feel It’s Time To Make Your Parents Grandparents? - 10 things not to say to childless couples also include such type of comments. It happens sometime that childless couples feel guilty not creating new relations like grandparents, uncles, aunts etc. Such insulting comments leave them more in depression.

4. You’ll Never Understand How It Feels To Have Kids- This is one of the things not to say to a childless women. Yes, they will understand and they are the one who really feel the pain because they go through certain pricking words everyday everywhere. So, it’s not your duty to make them understand more by such rude comments.

5. Fast On A Certain Day Of A Week And You’ll Be Blessed With Children- Really? Did you get your child by this? Then why say such comments specifically to women? It is the couple’s wish or they are having problem in having child. But you have no right to say such words as these can break them from inside.

6. Oh! I didn't Invite You because It’s a Parents-Kids Party? – If this is said by you anytime in your life, you need to go through all the 10 things not to say to childless couples. This is one among the 10 things not to say to childless friends. How insulting is this to say to a childless couple? You can never understand how such words give them immense pain to overcome.

7. You Are Not Trying Enough- How do you know that? May be it’s their wish not to have child. But if they want they are the first who will try everything, from meditation to medication, to have a little angel in their life. So this will come among things not to say to childless couples.

8. The Wife Must Have Some Problem- May be, maybe not. But why lots of questions arise on the wife when a couple is not getting child? The wife and husband both have equal share on the issue. It is absolutely offensive to blame the woman for everything.

9. You Are So Lucky That You Can Sleep Peacefully At Night- Such types of twisted comments hurt even more than any direct objection. Avoid such things not to say to childless couples. Pampering your child, taking care of them is a hidden desire of every couple. They love to do anything for them, but such a comment point out cleverly that they are not lucky enough to do these.

10. Your Pets Are Your Kids- This will come as a concluding note about 10 things not to say to childless couples. Pets are dear to many couples but when you crack jokes like this that means you are talking about some consolation prize.

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