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    7 Signs You Have Seen A Ghost


    Ghosts and spirits are everywhere. If you slowly turn around and focus, you might even get a glance of your friendly neighbourhood ghost Casper. According to experts, everyone receives a visit from ghosts, loved ones from the Other Side and even angels. Although it is believed that these visits are meant to be comforting, there are times when the presence of an otherworldly visitor can be unnerving and frightening.

    There are specific signs which tell you have encountered a ghost. The first sign is their presence which is typically not comforting. The moment you feel that your watched upon when alone in a room is when you have an unfriendly visitor. At this time, you might even begin to feel unexplained nervousness or go into a form of depression. For other people, a sudden cold spot or a ghostly human image is the other sign. For some people, they might also witness a kind of blur or a flash of movement.

    The best way of deciding if you have seen a ghost is to consider these signs. Here are some of the signs you have encountered a ghost, take a look.

    7 Signs You Have Seen A Ghost

    Someone Calls Your Name
    One of the signs that you've encountered a ghost is when you suddenly hear your name being called out when there is no one else in the room. This is one way where they try to connect with you.

    A Howling Dog
    Dogs bark when there is an unwanted person in their territory and they howl when an unearthly presence is seen. So, the next time your doggy begins to howl in your presence, be sure there is someone come to visit you from the grave.


    An Unusual Fragrance
    You smell a fragrance in your home that you don't own or a foul odour which comes from nowhere and then disappears. This is the other sign you have been encountered with a ghost.

    Blinking Lights
    If the lights are new or there never was a problem in your home regarding power, then this could be a possible sign of an unearthly soul. As soon as you begin to see that light flicker, make sure you start reciting verses from the Holy Book.

    That Gush Of Wind
    You feel frozen to the spot for a short amount of time or a gush of wind passes beside you or even a feeling when you have been touched is another sign that a ghost is near you. Many feel this gush of wind with a foul odour.

    Breathing On Your Shoulder
    A heavy breathing on your shoulder is another sign you have encountered a ghost. However, this sign is rarely been witnessed. The reason being - ghosts are not alive and they have no breath.

    The Sound Of A Tap
    The sound of footsteps or the tinkling of leg chains is another common sign to pay attention to. Even if you hear music from an unknown source when no one is around it could be a sign. But, then again this is not common.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, November 19, 2014, 7:03 [IST]
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