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8 Most Poisonous Creatures In The World


The Earth, a wonderful planet as it is, is home to diverse creatures- some of which are a captivating sight, some others disgusting in a way and a few others, incredibly deadly. As humans, there are many creatures we find that certainly do not fail to impress. Amongst the many creatures that take our breath away, creatures that categorize under the tag of venomous creatures are the ones that blow us out of our minds with their distinct, supreme characteristics. It sure is hard to imagine, let alone believe, that a creature as small as a frog actually has enough venom to kill a hundred twenty fully grown men, isn't it? This article highlights just that- the few most poisonous creatures in the world. These most venomous creatures in the world are known to be deadly because of one thing- the unimaginable potency of their venom.


Let us look at these 8 deadliest creatures in the world one by one. Each of these creatures, as mentioned earlier, will unfailingly take you by surprise.

The deadliest creatures listed in this article go from lowest (in terms of venom potency) to highest.


8. The Puffer Fish

8th on the list is the Puffer Fish, known for its powerful venom. Apparently, the Puffer Fish is a delicacy in Japan and South Korea, the dishes going by the name of Fugu and Bok-uh respectively. The skin and certain organs of this fish contain powerful venom that can cause numbness and subsequent loss of function of the tongue and muscles, eventually leading to irreversible paralysis.


7. The Brazilian Spider

Commonly called by the name "Wandering Spider", this deadly creature, known to be amongst the most poisonous spiders in the world can cause a range of problems for humans. Their incredibly powerful venom (incredible for the size in specific) causes more deaths than any other spider in the world. If it is already hard to imagine the venom potency of a small creature like a spider, know this for a fact- just about 0.0006mg of venom can kill a mouse within seconds.


6. The Stonefish

Well, here is something for the deadliest fish in the world. The stonefish is known for inflicting the most painful sting, a highly effective weapon that it uses to keep predators at bay. The spines are replete with neurotoxins that can inflict horrendous pain, paralysis and breathlessness.


5. The Death Stalker Scorpion

Scorpions are usually harmless and do not usually harm humans. The death stalker scorpion is, however, different. It is the most venomous of all scorpions. A sting from the death stalker can cause excruciating pain that inevitable leads to muscle paralysis if timely treatment isn't administered.


4. The Cone Snail

This is one occasion the planet earth does not fail to amuse- a creature as small as a snail can lead to an untimely death. How ironic! The Cone Snail is amongst the most venomous creatures on the planet. They are generally found in a warm, salt-water environment. One drop of its venom can kill about 15-20 fully grown humans.


3. The Inland Taipan

Snakes... They are known for the one thing- VENOM. There are numerous snakes that can be named under the most poisonous creatures in the world. Amongst those many, the Inland Taipan is perhaps the most venomous snake in the world. The powerful neurotoxic venom of the inland Taipan can inflict death in a matter of 20 minutes. Severe pain, muscle paralysis and coma can result from a bite. The Taipan has enough venom to kill about 50 fully grown humans. Its venom can harden blood tissue in as little as 15 minutes.


2. The Box Jellyfish

For all that can be said about the box jellyfish, one thing stands out- its elegance. Yes, this creature looks gorgeous. But one bite, and you are done for good. Your last few breaths on this holy planet are guaranteed. The Box Jellyfish is the second most venomous, second most poisonous and ranks second amongst the deadliest creatures in the world. Victims often suffer from overwhelming pain, lose consciousness within a couple of minutes and pass with a heart attack or respiratory breakdown.


1. The Dart Poison Frog

The Dart Poison Frog is the most venomous creature in the world. There is one thing about this creature that stands out, just like the box jellyfish- its supremely elegant texture. The blinding colours of the dart poison frog aren't so appealing really, for the venom, it is found in the SKIN. The dart Poison Frog has enough venom to kill over a hundred fully grown humans. Just a pin point of its venom can kill a mind-boggling 20,000 mice.

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