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Cute Things That Kids Do

By Padmapreetham Mahalingam

Kids do many things. Considered the most pure form of innocence, they turn your life from good to exceptional.

Some kids may amuse you, while some can shock you with their actions, yet they are special. Children bring out the kid in you when you are around them.

You don't necessarily have to be a parent to be around kids. Any child, whether they're from your neighbourhood or your own, can lift up your spirits when you are with them.

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They are the most delightful little humans who make you laugh and smile.

Even with some of the maddening things that come along with parenting, one of the most gratifying experiences of life would be when your kids make you laugh with the funniest and cutest things they do.

Kids always do the darndest and funniest of things that can leave you in splits and at times it may simply baffle you. Sometimes the inexperience and naughtiness of kids can amuse you.

The silly things that kids come up with are always the joy of raising children.

Children can be really a menace but are cute and funny when they do a little bit of mischief. Here are some of the cutest things that kids do and make you love them more.


Being curious

Kids are curious about things. They would want to explore and observe things at the most unusual levels. Toddlers will always have tons of questions to ask you of the things that they have examined. They are always curious with the things around them for example when they watch their own reflection in the mirror they would always wonder and try to understand what the thing is.



Kids have the tendency to giggle and laugh at anything they come across. They have a peculiar way of laughing when they do something mischievous. It is a nice feeling to look at your toddler when they are giggling with their sparkling eyes.


Attention seekers

Kids want to be pampered and given more attention. They always seek attention and feel gloomy if they don't get it. Toddlers are born to be possessive about things and would get jealous when their sibling gets more affection or a lot of pampering.


Temper Tantrums

Every kid throws tantrums and it can be fun if it doesn't go overboard. Their tantrums mostly come with no sign of stopping. Kids's temper tantrums can be about small little things such as vegetables that they never want to eat or the way they come up with reasons for not attending school.


Standing up in a moving car

Kids always try to stand up either in front or back when the car is in motion. They love to stand in between the bucket seats. You really have no idea why they stand but they definitely are obsessed with everything on wheels.


Great imitators

Kids are great imitators and they enjoy emulating their parents. They master the art in no time. Kids spend a lot of time observing and mimicking their parents' every move and action. When you talk on the phone, kids would try to converse beside you or they would like to wear your lipsticks. In reality, mimicry actually begins when they're infants and they usually try to copy your facial expressions. Tots mimic any action that you do.


Playing with animals

Dogs are known to be cute and kids always want to hug them and squeeze them. Toddlers usually have the tendency to pull their tails and would love to play with them. Most children are comfortable around pets. Kids often mistake that dogs wagging their tails is for happiness and they attempt to play with it. Kids are so fearless that they don't get scared to put their hands inside the pet's mouth. It is interesting to watch kids communicating with pets.


Puppy faces

Kids make puppy faces when they are stubborn especially when you don't buy the things that they want, for instance when you scold them for the fuss they make. Puppy faces are natural facial expressions or gestures that are part and parcel of being children.

And it is always joyful and beautiful to watch the cutest things that kids do.

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