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Weird Medical Inventions That Work

By: Madhu Babu
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There are not many stories that are more intriguing than the medical inventions that are weird and yet work wonders. These inventions might have been bi-product of another invention or purely accidental in nature.

Many of the weird medical inventions are said to be un intentional yet come out to better mankind in his quest for medical solutions. Every year many such wonderfully weird medical inventions take place and it is interesting to know them.

Stories of how viagara, an highly effective medicine that treats impotency in men, was discovered accidentally are fascinating. It is well known that Viagra was indeed intended for totally different reason.

Weird Medical Inventions That Work

The drug company Pfizer was looking for something that would relax these blood vessels, while finding a treatment for angina, discovered a side effect that led to its use to stimulate erection in men.

Other major medical inventions include a virus killer found in sharks, Spice with cancer reducing properties, Smart pill for irritable bowel syndrome etc.

Many such medical inventions have been patented for protection of their intellectual property invented with lots of effort or pure stroke of luck that could end up bringing these people riches.

Let us take a look at few weird medical inventions that seem to work.

Use of Odorants to Treat Male Impotence
Alan R. Hirsc has applied for patent in providing an alternate to Viagra to treat male impotency wherein all you need to do is sniff. The list of materials the inventor says will work most effectively are Lavender and pumpkin pie, Doughnut and licorice, Pumpkin pie and doughnut.

Apparatus for Facilitating the Birth of a Child by Centrifugal Force
Applied for patent by George and Charlotte Blonsky in 1965 is for a centrifugal delivery table that is said to ease out child birth using centrifugal force to encourage the baby to emerge.

Forehead support apparatus
Invented and applied for patent by one Mr.Eric D is a forehead support apparatus for resting a standing user’s forehead against a wall above a bathroom commode or urinal or beneath a showerhead.

Viagra for erectile dysfunction
This medicinal experiment which was initially intended for treating angina, wherein the sole purpose was to relax blood vessels to ease flow of blood. One of the side effect happened to be male erection which went onto become one of highest selling drug.

Reminder and enforcer apparatus
Patented to one Mr. Rupert W, This apparatus is a device for reminding kids to wear their braces, involving implanting an alarm in their mouths with a timer. A magnet on the braces shuts off the alarm.

Gum exercise device
Patented by Mr. Charles G. Purdy, This device is intended as an exercise device for mouth. The plate is gripped between the teeth of the user and the spring or flexible member 8 is attached to a wall or other suitable support. By movements of the head, the device will receive a series of short jerks or impulses.

Anti-Eating Face Mask
This device takes a direct, no-frills approach to dieting: just cover up the mouth. Made with a series of hooks, wires, straps, locks and a mouth guard, this invention looked like something more appropriate for animals than for a dieter, and it probably would've discouraged not only eating but also showing one's face in public.

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Story first published: Saturday, December 21, 2013, 5:02 [IST]
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