National Comic Book Day: Best Books To Read

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Today, we celebrate National Comic Book Day. As a child, we come across a number of comics which we want to fondly read, but then these comics which have an age bar on them are strictly prohibited from children. Youngsters, on one hand believe that the only way to de-stress from the things we do on an every day scale is to simply pick up a comic book and enjoy a good read.

However, when we talk about comic books there are only a few of the best that one would prefer. On National Comic Book Day, we present to you some of the worlds best comics you need to read. These comics not only make your day, but also add that special colour into your life. If you ask anyone which is their favourite comic book, you are sure to get a long list of names.

Comic books were invented for you to learn the different side of life in an animated way where you get to be apart of a super natural world. Comic books are widely sold in every part of the world and readers are simply multiplying by number.

On this very special National Comic Book Day, here are some of the best reads for you to enjoy:


Archie Comics

One of the best comics which everyone enjoys reading is the Archie comics. On this National Comic Book Day, celebrate it by reading the new edition of Betty and Veronica.


Batman comics

Every young boy loves the series of Batman. The thrill and the exciting adventures of the handsome knight in black is something to look forward to in these comics.


Captain America comic

He is one of the best actions heroes of all time. Reading this comic book will set your spirits high on the action he lets you be a part of.


Thor comics

This is one of the best comic books of all time. Thor is mighty and strong and resembles the Triumph over tragedy. A fun comic book to read on this special day.


Wonder Woman comic

For all the ladies out there, if you want a little adventure, then this is the perfect read. Wonder Woman overpowers everything which comes in her way and thus she is a true inspiration for women, today.


Superman comic

Now who does not know this famous Hero? Every growing boy wants to be like this star who always saves the world from evil. A good read to start the day with.


Spiderman comic

The spidey boy sets your heart racing by the moves he makes every time you read a second line in his comic book. It is the best comic book to read if you want some adventure and thrill.


Daredevil Comics

Nothing comes in his way once daredevil is in the presence of anyone. The fun and adventure in this comic book is out of the world and people of all age indulge in this series of books.


The Hulk comics

The green man with all his might is like eye candy to the eyes. It is the best comic book to read and celebrate National Comic Book Day.


Iron Man comics

Made of iron and super strong, iron man makes sure that no evil overpowers the good. In all comic books you will see that iron man is a character which shows you how to be strong and powerful.

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