Hilarious Text Responses To Wrong Numbers

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In today's so called techno world, we come across a lot of people sending wrong text to another person. Just when you know it, you get an instant reply which is rather amusing. Doing a little research we have come across some of the most hilarious texts replied to a wrong number. These hilarious texts will leave you laughing for days.

It is only human that we at times make a humble mistake in sending a text to a wrong person. But what you get from a hilarious texts is the output which develops into a long term laughter tickling your funny bone to a great extent.

Hilarious Text Responses To Numbers

Look at some of the most hilarious texts sent as responses to the wrong number.

Hilarious text # 1

Caller 1: Hey dude are you ready to party tonight?

Caller 2 : Ummm can I know who this is?

Caller 1: oops sorry wrong number..

Caller 1 : Bye

Caller 2 : .... hey, hey, hey but I want to party!

Hilarious text # 2

Caller 1 : Hello Gorgeous lady! How have you been? When on earth did you move locations?

Caller 1: This is Bob, the male stripper who danced for your neice's bachelorette party.

Caller 2 : Pretty sure, you have the wrong number mate. I am most decidedly not a gorgeous lady.

Caller 1 : Awwww. Dont you say that!

Caller 2 : Allow me to expand on this further: I. AM. A. MAN, understood?

Hilarious text #3

Caller 1 : Hey mate I am Ricky, just wanted to know if I can come look at your car you have put up for sale. After 7 pm is good for me, when are you available to meet?

Caller 2 : I should be available after 8 tomorrow

Caller 2 : Anyways, goodnight beautiful, I cannot wait to hold you in my arms tomorrow. Love and miss you tons.

Caller 1 : Look man I am just interested in your car!

Hilarious text #4

Caller 1 : Hey are you free on Tuesday night, I want to catch a movie or do something fun

Caller 2 : Damn Right I'm free, mate

Caller 2: This is America, a free nation!

Hilarious text #5

Caller 1 : Hey Miranda

Caller 2 : Whose this?

Caller 1 : lol you gave me your number like two minutes ago!

Caller 2 : I feel sorry for you dude, I think she gave you the wrong number.

Wasn't that hilarious? These are some of the most hilarious texts replied to a wrong number. Have you been a victim of this two, share with us if you have.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 18, 2013, 3:31 [IST]
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