Why Women Love To Shop?

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Why do you think women love shopping so much? You can call it to be the favourite of all their pastimes. Women love shopping for more than one reason. Though men get angry at it at several times, trust me there is nothing you can do about it. Here are a few reasons why women spend so much for shopping.

Women Love Shopping

Love Doing It- The best example of a woman behind shopping is most probably that they love doing it. You would often find that a woman tries shop whenever she has time or money for it. You may not know but, this is always the first love of a woman.

Explore New Things- What else can be a better place to explore new things other than a shopping mall. There are so many new shops and trends that need to be explored by a lady. You can never take out the shopping spirit out of a woman.

Self Obsessed- Most of the women are self-obsessed. They love themselves. And hence, they always like to experiment new things on themselves. Women will spend money on a lot of new attires that they think will look good on them. As a matter of fact, some women can scan even spend a lump some just to look good.

Elevates Mood- When women spend money on themselves, it becomes something like pampering themselves. A woman will go for shopping if she is in a bad mood or just had a fight with some one close to them. This is like pampering oneself to come out of a bad mood when no one else makes the effort for you.

For Others- Why do you think that women love to shop. Well, it is not that women love to squander money. And they do not shop for themselves alone. They think of the happiness of all their near and dear ones. And hence, sometimes women go out to shop in order to buy something that can make her family members happy.

To Show Off- There are some women who shop only for the purpose of showing off to others that they are well off Well, wellness does not come out of monetary factors alone. In such cases, you should rather understand your financial status and work accordingly.

An Excuse For A Change- Shopping is one of the most exclusive things that most of the ladies use as a plea for change. They like to go out and visit places on the pretext of shopping. Also they get to meet and interact with a lot of people this way.

These are all some of the shopping secrets of women. If any other is known to you then do let us know.

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Story first published: Monday, August 27, 2012, 18:55 [IST]
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