Top 8 Valentines Day Excuses

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Top 8 Valentines Day Excuses
Not many like to celebrate valentines day and try to slip away from celebrations by giving some common excuses. Today, we will discuss on those so sneak a peek into the funny reasons that are commonly told for an easy escape.

Many men try to use these reasons to slip away from expenses and here we have the consolidated list of funny reasons. Women need to watch out and plan ways to stop their men from such an escape.

8 Big Valentines Day Excuses

1. That Valentines day is a deal made by Archies and Cadbury to make a lot of many and I prefer to stay away from this.

2. Chocolate and candle light dinner is out of fashion and unhealthy so let's not have it. (OR) I'm not very comfortable to eat in the dark and I must remind about the worst thing that happened last time.

3. Let's keep our relationship simple and not weigh it in terms of expensive gifts and apparels.

4. How about celebrating the day in our car? Isn't it the most hot and spicy thing to happen on a day like this?

5. Valentine's day already? God! We just celebrated a year ago!

6. What wrong with the food? it is much better than what we ordered yesterday or during our honeymoon.

7. Your radiant appearance masks the sparkling diamond crystals and that is why I didn't get anything!

8. Sweetheart, I feel older day by day and having a short term memory loss. What Valentine's day all about?

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 14, 2012, 16:18 [IST]
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