"Short Term Goals Are Harmful For Your Body" says Mickey Mehta

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India's leading Holistic Health Guru for over 25 years, Mickey Mehta has contributed in bringing many International Crowns to India through his association with Femina Miss India. He has recently trained the top 5 finalists to become a winner in Indian Idol. He as a philosopher; life coach; author, has interwoven the philosophies of zen, tao, tantra and ved, and blended the disciplines of exercises such as calisthenics, functional training, boot camp, agility drills, tai chi, pilates, yoga, swimming etc. Lets know more about him...

1. How did you get involved with fitness as a career?

Mickey Mehta

Fitness has always intrigued me ever since I was in school. I have always been passionate about being fit, exercising and eating right. Exercising is always accompanied by the feel good factor and it is this feel good factor that I look forward to in every workout.

2. How do you stay motivated to workout every day?

Working out has become a part of my life. It is not something I need to put in efforts for, it comes to me like any other natural processes our body conducts on a daily basis. Ideally this is how it should be for a healthy living, and people who realize that make a conscious effort to achieve it.

3. What are some of your favorite exercises?

Some of my favorite exercises include single bar, stretching, agility drills, swimming, yoga and meditation.

4. What advice do you have for someone just beginning a fitness routine?

It's very important for a person starting a fitness regime to understand their constitution, their body type. One needs to endeavor for wellness and feel good factor not a good look factor. One must always consult a physician to check their medical history and conditions. Also, it is always better to be well informed about the kind of fitness centers and their offerings, therefore please indulge in some personal research. Take up exercises or workouts that incorporate fun elements in the way you start your day, after all exercising is not about being punitive and boring. A word of advice to people just starting their fitness regime, please do not have short term goals as these are aggressive and violent actions towards your body and believe me you end up doing more harm than good to your body.

5. What are some easy exercises to squeeze in anywhere (for example at the office or at home)?

Basic exercises such as neck and shoulder rotations, side bends, toe touches, taking the stairs instead of the elevator. These can be done on an every day basis and don't really require much space.

6. These days we see a lot of books on fitness and weight loss. Do books really help?

It all depends on the motivation level and will power of a person. Our body and mind are interconnected, and books help in motivating as well as stimulating the mind, but ultimately physical exercises cannot be escaped or replaced by books. Books provide the basic foundation and research for a person just starting out or wishing to learn about new exercise regimes. However, it is always advised to approach a fitness expert and consult a physician before venturing into the fitness field.

7. What are your future goals, dreams and plans?

Well there are many, brand Mickey Mehta has always had many firsts to its credit, from the first free equipment gyms to learn swimming in 24 hours. I wish to continue this trend and so with God's grace I will soon be launching a 24/7 wellness channel, get into personal fitness merchandising and many more.

8. Any message for our readers?

Life is already so stressed and fast paced, so please take some time out of your busy day and indulge in something that makes you happy. It can be simple things like spending time with your loved ones, taking long walks, visiting a gallery, or going for a movie, but do something that truly brings you joy.

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