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8 Fun Facts About Leap Year!

Its leap year, the 29th of February. The next leap year will come after 4 years! The addition of one more day in the calendar after 4 years makes the day very special. Various traditions have different beliefs on leap year. To know more about the leap year, check out these fun facts.

8 fun facts about leap year:

1. A leap year has 366 days and not the normal 365 days. The next leap year will be after 4 years, 2016!

2. The concept of adding a leap year in the calender was introduced by the Egyptians. This was mainly because the solar calendar and the man-made calender didn't match.

3. Julius Caesar officially added the date on February 29th in Roman calender 2000 years ago.

4. Those who are born on leap year celebrate their birthdays once in 4 years! They are known as leapers or leaplings and fun fact is they celebrate their birthday on 29th or else 1st March on a non-leap year. 4 million people in the world are born on 29th February, leap day.

5. On leap day, women are permitted to propose men romantically. You might have seen the movie Leap Year where Anna Brady plans to travel to Dublin, Ireland to propose to her boyfriend Jeremy on 29th February.

6. In Ireland, women proposes men, whereas in Finland, if a man refuses the proposal, he has to buy the woman a fabric or an apparel.

7. In Greece, couples don't get married on leap year. This is because they believe getting married on leap year brings bad luck to their married life.

8. One of the fun facts about leap year is that it is believed, babies born on leap year have unusual talents.

These are few fun facts about the leap year! Enjoy the leap day!

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 29, 2012, 16:10 [IST]