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Ideas To Win A Teacher's Heart!


Teacher's day is a very important event that is very special for both the teachers and students. It is a day when we appreciate the hard work and dedication of a tutor towards their profession. Teachers day is celebrated with lots of fun and joy. Be it a school or college, students put in their best efforts to decorate the class room and pick up best gifts and food items for their favourite teachers. However, gifts do not play a very important role in impressing the teachers. You have to be perfect with your work to win the heart of your tutor. Lets check out some amazing ways to win your teacher's heart on this special day.

5 ideas to impress your teacher:

First bencher: To enrol your name in the list of good students, stick to the first bench. Back benchers are always on the bad list. So, if you really wish to grab all the attention of the teacher in the class, sit in the first bench.

Be perfect: In school, students have to bring class notebook and text books. There are few students who are not perfect in their task. Get all the books that are required in the class. In colleges, students are too lazy to stuff their small and funky bags with books and pens. Carry whatever is necessary to impress the teacher and make him/her know that you are dedicated. This will also help you understand the topic easily. For example, when a teacher is explaining some graph from the book, you can see it easily and understand.

Have you done your homework?: If you really want to win the heart of your teacher at school or college, do your assigned homework. There are many back benchers who do not do their homework and get punished. To impress your favourite teacher, never give him/her the chance to punish you.

Wear the right dress: Teachers really love students who know the classroom manners and etiquette. Wearing revealing dresses (breaking school or college dress code) will catch wrong attention of not only the teacher but also the principal.

Be smart: It is very important to be active in the classroom. Just sitting in the front bench and doing homework will not work. Finish the hard effort by talking smart in the class. Have slight knowledge on the subject that the teacher will discuss in the next class. You can either read the book or google. Internet has become a rising option for students to get knowledge and data. Instead of copying from students or books, get extra information through net.

These are few ideas to impress your teacher and make the day special for him/her. Offering gifts and not doing the above listed ideas will not put any impact on the teacher. Hard work and little fun will place you in the list of good students!

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