Top 10 Funny Things About Daily Soaps

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Are you a daily soap freak? Well, there are some very interesting things to be noted in most of the Indian daily soaps. Though these are the traits that have been abolished from most of the daily soaps today, some still follow it. These are facts about the fictional world. In fact, these became so popular that they became an object of laughter among the crowds. Here are some of the 'fundas' or theories that could be seen in almost all Indian daily soaps.

Daily Soaps

Echo- This is one of the funniest part of Hindi daily soaps. Whenever a person will say any thing important in front of all the family members, then the same thing will echo round the house at least three times. And not only that, even when a person thinks of something that is too emotional, even then the thoughts would have an echo.

Come Back- An interesting part of some of the Hindi serials is that any person who is dead will surely come back after death. Especially if he or she has a lead role. They will show the cremation scene and even after that they shall appear back on the scene.

Memory Loss- Whenever something goes wrong in a relationship then any one person is definitely going to lose his/her memory in these soap operas. And this is considered as the best possible beginning to the relationship.

From Legs- The first thing that you get to see in any new character in most of the Hindi serials is their legs. As if we are more interested in their shoes than them. They will never show the face of the person in the daily soaps at one go.

Marriages- Most of the lead characters in the romantic Hindi serials are shown to have more than one marriage or at least a past affair that comes out later. There are a very few characters who are seen with only one man or woman throughout.

Scam- An involvement in a scam is a must for any character in the daily soaps. This is very important for a heightened drama in a Hindi serial.

All Sacrifice- The characters that are portrayed in most of the Hindi TV serials are all epitomes of godliness. We all are human beings and it is simply not possible for a person to be so good in reality. Some people are portrayed as so great in these daily soaps that sometimes we wonder, "Can this really happen?"

Makeup On- This is one very peculiar thing about the female characters in the Hindi serials. They will move around with makeup the whole day and even sleep with makeup on.

Twins- Some one in trouble? Need a duplicate? Here they are. As soon a lead character in a Hindi soap operas fall into trouble or dies, then their twin will appear from nowhere to rescue them.

Special Music- The villains in these Hindi serials are always attributed a special music. And whenever they come on the scene the musical track plays for effect.

If any other attributes of Hindi soap operas are known to you, do share with us.

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Story first published: Friday, September 7, 2012, 16:37 [IST]
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