How To Deal With People You Hate?

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It is very difficult to find a like minded person whom you can gel with. When you join a school, college or firm, you always wish to be around like-minded people who can make you happy. But, when you find out that they are not the right people, you get upset and start hating them. Like the two sides of a coin, you will have to deal with both types of people. Even if you hate them, you have to adjust and manage with them.

Competition and complexity is very common at workplace. When you start developing a relationship with your colleague, you get close to him or her (in a friendly way). But, sometimes you get a negative vibe from a few colleagues. These leads to lack of communication and at times can also lead to tiffs. You can't quit because of the fight but adjust with them. Don't get angry. Here are few smart tips to deal with colleagues or people you hate.

How To Deal With People You Hate?

4 tips to deal with people you hate:

Avoidance: Instead of facing them and showing dirty gestures or expressions, better avoid such a company. Keep a formal relationship of Hi and Bye. "How are you?" and "Is everything fine?", must be the utmost level of communication. When you hate someone, you should avoid them to prevent unwanted fights. This keeps your patience and also avoids tiffs at workplace that can damage the office environment.

Never let it affect you: When the colleague you hate starts effecting your mental peace and work productivity, start neglecting their presence. Never let the person you hate affect your life at all. This will only damage you. The person you hate would always wish to spoil your life and image at workplace, so just take it lightly and do not react. If you react, it will show that you have been affected.

Do not bother: This is one of the best tips to deal with people you hate the most. Do not bother about their existence. The more you look at them, the more you reach your saturation point. So, just don't bother when they comment or cross by your side. This will help you control your anger and also deal with people you hate at work. If you bother, you will spoil your mood and also give others a chance to gossip about you and your tiff with the colleague.

Discuss: This is the last option that you can choose to deal with a person you hate. Discuss with him/her or with your friend. Suggestions can help you cope with such people with ease.

These are few tips to deal with people you hate at work. Do you have more ideas that has helped you deal with such people? Do share with us.

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Story first published: Saturday, September 22, 2012, 14:11 [IST]
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