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World Toilet Day: Bizarre Things People Do In Toilet

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World Toilet Day is observed annually on 19th November every year. The day commenced from 2001 and is aimed to draw attention towards sanitation and break the taboos about toilet. The World Toilet Organization (WTO), a non-profitable organization started this international day to spread awareness to improve toilet conditions and sanitation worldwide. The WTO was started with only 15 members in 2001 and currently it has more than 151 members in 53 countries. Even World Toilet College (WTC) was started in 2005 to provide training in toilet design and maintenance.

Toilet is a place that people do not discuss about. They either feel shy or uncomfortable. Even after knowing toilet etiquette, many people are careless to maintain basic rules. On this special World Toilet Day, lets take a look at the bizarre yet funny things that people do inside the toilets.

World Toilet Day: Bizarre Things People Do In Toilet

Bizarre things people do in toilet:

Reading newspaper: This is one of the most common things that people do inside the toilet. They do not get time or feel that it is best to read the newspaper peacefully in the morning.

Listening to music: It is a time pass for many teens and youngsters. They feel that listening to music rather than sitting idle is the best way out. They do not even spare the toilets!

Having milk or water: Many people have this psychological problem. They feel that they will not get proper bowel movements if they do not drink water. Few people have water or milk to increase pressure and bowel movement.

Smoke: This is another psychological issue of all smokers. Smokers feel that they will not get pressure unless they take few drags of a cigarette. It is an unhealthy habit that is most commonly done inside the toilets.

Take private calls: It is another funny thing that most of the teens and even elders do. Couples use toilet to talk to their partners. Secret love affairs are always dealt inside the toilet. Be it taking calls or texting, couples use this small and quiet place to take private calls and reply to personal messages.

Meditate: It is said that toilet is the most peaceful place to relax and give some time to yourself. Many people get brilliant ideas inside the toilet. So, keeping this benefit in mind, many people spend this free time inside the toilet, meditating.

Reading magazines: Men especially have the habit of reading sleazy mens magazine inside the toilet to suit themselves. It is a bizarre yet funny thing that men do inside the toilet.

These are the bizarre yet funny things that people do inside the toilet. Have you done something different? Do share with us.

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Story first published: Monday, November 19, 2012, 15:59 [IST]
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