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5 Best Professions For Women

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There are several professional options for the rising brilliant students. These days, women are scoring higher than men in board examinations, thus proving their worth in the educational field. To compete in the men oriented society, women are exploring their inner side. When it comes to professionalism, lawyer, engineer and doctors are too common options. CA, CS and MBA are new fields where aspiring students are trying their luck through intelligence. To climb the stairs of success, women should try their hands in these professions that are best for them.

Best profession for women:

Professions For Women

HR: In Human Resources, a woman manager can easily explain and most importantly, convince the candidates to get them in the company she is working for. In terms of policy making, she can have her own perspective that men might not think of!

Marketing: In this profession, most of the companies hire women as they can easily bring in clients. With their talent and beauty, clients can be convinced. This is not just a saying. Many companies have seen profit through a woman marketing manager. Bringing clients, increasing profit of the company and doubling sales can be done by women with their power to convince.

Air hostess: Men are really impatient and very few can hear tantrums or tolerate irritating habits of passengers. Women have dominated the field of hospitality because of their patience. Women are calm when compared to men. They know how to handle tantrums and serve their passengers much better than men.

Nurse: In all the videos, songs or movie stills, you will only see women nurses. Why is it one of the best professions for women? This is because women can connect with the patient and they have the necessary skills to care for them. As a caretaker of the family, women are well skilled in this field.

Media: This rising profession has welcomed women with wide arms. Women anchors and field reporters are widely appreciated by viewers and listeners. Be it television or radio channel, the voice and personality of a woman attracts attention instantly. Even for the print media, especially magazines, women have more ideas when compared to men. In short, women know what would appeal to a house wife or a working woman much better than men do. That is why, most of the leading lifestyle magazine editors are women!

These are few professions that are ideal for women. There is fame, money and respect that every working professional would desire for. Women best suit these roles. Do you agree?

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 4, 2012, 10:05 [IST]
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