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Son Saves Dad On Fire, Spraying Coke

Catch Fire
A brave son could save his father, as he sprayed two litres of coke to save the dad on the fire.

Andrew Wythe from Cornwall adventitiously caught fire while he was using a petrol can to light a bonfire. A spark ignited the fumes and set his body, alight.

His son, the fifteen-year-old boy Nicholas who saw this, grabbed a coke bottle, shook it violently and sprayed it on his dad to douse the raging flames.

Andrew was taken to a hospital in Penzance and transferred to Frenchay Hospital in Bristol after the incident. He was treated for burns, but require skin grafts. Doctors say that his injuries could have been fatal if Nicholas had not acted.

Andrew praises his teenage boy for having saved his life. "It was hot day and we had taken a bottle of coke to keep cool. I put the petrol on and straight away it set me on fire. I dropped to the floor and tried to roll round," says Andrew.

"Instinct took over really," reacts Nicholas about the incident.

"Without Nicholas it would have been a lot worse. I was lucky really. We all know it's dangerous throwing things on the fire. You could be lucky if the wind is blowing in the right direction, or unlucky like myself,"adds Andrew.

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Story first published: Friday, April 23, 2010, 11:12 [IST]
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