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Secrets Of Changing Hairstyle

By Suparna Chakaraborthy

Your hairstyle can give away secrets about you, says a new study. It claims that changing hairstyle in regular intervals, is a sign of being stressed.

Women who constantly try new style, from cropped bob to long extensions and are constantly trying different colours are either stressed or are feeling overwhelmed.

"Changing hairstyles is really common during life transitions such as a break-up or a new career. Our hair is something we can control, so it's empowering to make changes especially when you feel like other aspects of life are out of your control," says Heather Turgeon, a psychotherapist.

Frequently changing hairstyle, portrays your search for something new. Changing hairstyle has the ability to make you look very different and thus you feel your search has been met.

"Someone who is constantly changing her hair is either a natural chameleon whose aesthetic tends to run parallel to her moods, or she's searching for something and changing her look fills that need," said Jason Low, stylist at the Serge Normant.

A mother-to-be reportedly asks for constant change in hairstyle. Most of them ask for shorter hair so that there is no fuss. But then, after the hair is cut they feel sad for their lost locks.

Jason Low advises women not to cut their hair on impulse, and stick with a reputable stylist who can persuade them from asking for a cut they will later regret and they should take comfort in the fact that it''s just hair - and will soon grow back.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 2, 2010, 16:04 [IST]
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