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Body Language For An Interview

You are headed for an interview and your in a mass of sweat. You are so nervous that you don't know how you would perform and what the out come would be.

When you go for an interview, you have to be fully prepared as to what you are going to say and what answers to give to the interviewer.

For those of you who have attended interviews in the past may seem to be fully prepared. But, there are many tips that you should keep in mind when you are at an interview.

You should remember that, 'Body Language', is the key for a job interview success.

Here are some interview tips where you can improve your interview body language.

1.Before you go for an interview, practice the way you smile. At an interview a smile can tell you how happy and confident you are as a person. So, its best to put on a strong , sincere smile. A smile that will put people at ease , will make the interviewer feel that you are comfortable and relaxed in the atmosphere during the interview.

2.At an interview, maintaining eye contact is important. If you find it difficult to maintain eye contact with the interviewer then you can look in between the eyes of the interviewer. When you don't maintain eye contact with the interviewer, it gives them a feeling that you are hiding something from them or jut not being honest with yourself.

3.Since body language is the main aspect to help you have a successful job interview. You should know that at an interview it is not advisable to slouch in front of the interviewer, this gives the feeling that you are not attentive and more or less not interested in what the interviewer has to say. Keep this in mind the next time you attend an interview.

4.It's all very well when you have good eye contact with your interviewer, but then what happens if your eyes are all puffy looking. It sure doesn't make a good impression. To make your eyes sparkle and to avoid the heavy bags under the eyes you should have a good night's sleep.

5.A 'professional handshake' is what many people lack. Having a limp handshake makes the interviewer feel that you don't have the ability for confrontation. A good handshake should be firm but not too hard a grip. It is very important to make eye contact with the person you shake hands. Practice your professional handshake with a friend before you head for an interview.

Here above listed are some of the interview tips that you can keep in mind before you set out for an interview. Body language at an interview is vitally important for you to follow. So be confident and get that perfect job to be successful.

Story first published: Monday, September 13, 2010, 13:33 [IST]