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You can’t Any More Flirt The Women Bartenders!

By Staff

When many so called national security groups raise their slogans against the women going to pubs and wearing western clothes, Karnataka High Court has taken another step. They didn"t ask women to wear cotton saris and sit inside their houses. They declared that women can even work in the bars or pubs!

After the Karnataka High Courts" controversial judgment, many women chose the career as bartenders. However, their path was not an easy one! They definitely had to face hooliganism by mischievous characters.

The liquor serving joints never failed to recognize this difficulty for their precious employees. They have now taken a fierce step and provided licensed arms to their deputed bouncers. The security of the women bartenders is the prime responsibility of these bouncers!

The bouncers keep a vigil on every movement of the customers entering the restaurant. They have been directed to use these weapons if required. Moreover they have been told to prevent any one form misbehaving with the artistes.

The bar owners are well aware that if any unpleasant incident take place with regard to their women employees, that may even lead to the cancellation of their licence. The body guards drop the girls at their home after the shift. Moreover, the arming of bouncers have also generated a sense of security among working women in the liquor serving bars or restaurants.

At least four girls in the pub were chased out and hit by a moral-policing activists of Sri Ram Sena in Mangalore city in February this year to express their opposition to the western culture in India.

Story first published: Monday, August 10, 2009, 9:45 [IST]
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