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World Wind Day 2020: Interesting Facts Related To Wind That Will Take You By Surprise

Every year 15 June is observed as the World Wind Day, which is organised by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and WindEurope. The day is observed with the intention to celebrate the remarkable momentum of wind energy. Till date, wind energy is the fastest-growing form of energy. It also incurs a very low cost which makes it quite feasible and therefore, over 90 countries across the world use wind-energy.

To give you more information about the wind-energy, we are here with some incredible facts related to wind. Read on to know more.

1. The wind, which is known as the movement of air is basically the flow of gases present in the atmosphere.

2. Wind Energy comprises up to 4% of the world's total energy.

3. The blades of a wind turbine can move up to a speed of 200 mph.

4. Over the past decade, wind energy is the largest form of energy used for generating electricity in Canada. This has made Canada the 8th country in the world for the entire installed capacity of wind energy.

5. Winds can be known as breeze, gale, storm or hurricane, depending upon its speed.

6. Gusts are basically short bursts of wind moving at a fast speed.

7. Anemometers are the instruments that measure the speed of the wind

8. Ships mostly use the power of the wind for their movement while making the use of sails.

9. Sports such as paragliding, kiteboarding, sailing and windsurfing make the use of wind.

10. Saturn and Neptune are the planets that have the highest wind movements in the Solar System.

11. In case you don't know, a gale is a wind that blows at the speed of 32 and 63 miles per hour whereas a breeze blows at 4 to 31mph is a breeze.

12. The reason why the sea breeze occurs is the sun takes a long time to warm the sea when compared to the land. This creates a difference in air pressure and hence sea breeze is formed.

Story first published: Sunday, June 14, 2020, 7:00 [IST]