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Sealed With A Kiss: Mexican Mayor Marries Alligator Bride To 'Bring Abundance To The Village'

Human-animal marriage is not uncommon in superstitious societies or tribes but sealing it with a kiss can sound a bit bizarre. Recently, a viral video has been doing rounds on the internet and it has caught everyone's attention. The incident took place in a small fishing village, Oaxaca in Mexico where a strange century-old ritual is believed to bring abundance to the village.

San Pedro Huamelula Mayor Victor Hugo Sosa got married to a reptile along with all rituals. The seven-year-old alligator is known as Little Princess and was dressed in a white wedding dress accompanied by a veil, as the ceremony was mixed with Catholic practice.

The union was sealed with a kiss which apparently symbolizes the joining of humans with the divine for the locals. To avoid unwanted biting while the mayor kissed her during the ceremony, the alligator's snout was tied shut. The video has taken social media by storm and has left everyone confused after it was shared by Reuters after which it went viral and garnered more than 2 lakh views.

The villagers believe that the reptile is a deity which represents mother Earth and the wedding will mark the union of a human with the divine.

The seven-year-old alligator is known as the Little Princess and villagers believe her to be a deity representing Mother Earth. Victor even carried the bride in his arms and walked across the street. The colourful ceremony was accompanied by local music, trumpets, drums and dance.

Watch the viral video here:

While talking to Reuters, the godmother Elia Edith Aguilar who organised the wedding said, "It gives me so much happiness and makes me proud of my roots. It's a very beautiful tradition." Apart from that Moda said that the villages ask nature for ample rain and good and also fish in the river.

Image source: Reuters

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