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Brother’s Day 2021: Some Quotes, Messages And Wishes To Share

Every year 24 May is obsered as the Brother's Day is observed. The day focuses on making our brothers feel specialand loved for being who they are. The exact origin of this Brother's Day celebration is unknown but in the United Kingdom it is observed as National Brother's Day. In India too, people have been observing Brother's Day since 2005.

When it comes to brothers, they are undoubtedly very special. Even though they are always upto some mischief, they make sure to take care of their siblings just like a father does. This Brother's Day, make your brother feel special by dedicating a few quotes and wishes to him.

1. "You are the only person who has my back, even though you always tease and annoy me. Happy Brother's Day my dear brother."

2. "A Happy Brother's Day to my brother. May you have all the happiness in the world."

3. "Brothers are the ones who understand you and bring out the best in you. Happy Brother's Day."

4. "Today on the Brother's Day, I am sending you the best wishes. I couldn't have asked for a better and annoying brother."

5. "Dear brother, I am really thankful to have you in my life. You make my world colourful. May you stay blessed and happy forever. Happy Brother's Day."

6. "Only a brother can love like a father, annoy like a sister, care for you like a mother and understand you like a friend."

7. "Having a caring and supportive brother like you is a blessing. Thanks for everything. Have a great Brother's Day."

8. "There's no one like brothers. They not only annoy you but also love you unconditionally. Happy Brother's Day to all the brothers out there."

9. "You are not just my brother but a superhero with a kind and loving soul. Happy Brother's Day to you."

10. "I feel proud to have you as my brother. You are the best person I have known so far. Lots of love to you on this Brother's Day."

Story first published: Monday, May 24, 2021, 14:45 [IST]