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COVID-19 Pandemic: Creative Stunts By Police To Spread Awareness About The Deadly Virus

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the 21-day lockdown on 24 March due to the Coronavirus pandemic, people have been confined to their homes. Be it the governments of numerous nations, health workers, sanitation workers, NGOs or police; no matter how much they are trying to convince people to stay indoors and avoid going out unnecessarily, some are turning a deaf ear to all their appeals.

While staying at home have become necessary to contain the spread of COVID-19, police have come forward with their creative stunts to spread awareness related to Coronavirus.

You might have found some videos wherein policemen are seen urging, scolding or using other means against people unnecessarily going out.

One such video is of IPS Tabarak Fatima who was seen singing a song to spread awareness about COVID-19. She sang the song to let people know why it is important to maintain social distancing and stay inside their houses. She was singing, 'we shall sanitise, we shall sanitise' on the tune of 'we shall overcome, we shall overcome'. The lyrics also included 'we shall wear masks every day, we shall overcome someday'.

It was not only Tabarak Fatima, who was singing songs but also Abhinav Pandey, another policeman in Bilaspur. He was seen singing a song on the tune of 'Ek pyar ka nagma hai'. The lyrics included lines, 'ghar me hi rehna hai, bahar nahi jana hai' which means 'we shall stay in our houses and avoid going out.'

Rajesh Babu, another police inspector in Chennai was seen wearing a helmet having a resemblance to the microscopic view of coronavirus. The policeman was stopping people on vehicles and pedestrians to let them know why they need to stay at home. The unique helmet was covered in red colour spikes with small spheres at the end. Another policeman was wearing a similar green coloured helmet and was performing short plays to inform people how coronavirus spreads.

The idea is said to be suggested by B. Gowtham, the founder of the Art Kingdom, a Chennai based organisation.

Gowtham prepared this unique helmet after seeing that people are not taking the precautions seriously and aren't practicing hygiene and social distancing. He went on to seek permission from the police station to prepare the helmet. The helmet was made using newspapers and tissues as the retail shops were shut down due to the lockdown. The intention behind making this helmet was to help the police department in spreading awareness.

Not only this but traffic police in Hyderabad were seen spreading awareness about the proper hygiene on traffic signals. They urged the people to wash their hands properly with an alcohol-based sanitiser.

In another viral video, a policeman who seemed to be from Punjab was requesting women to let their husbands help them in the household work. In the one minute and forty-three seconds, he said if men will extend their helping hands in the household work, they won't feel bored off and will avoid going out.

In fact, a Spanish police officer was seen singing songs for people during the lockdown. In the 34 seconds video, one can see a police officer singing while playing the guitar. People, on the other hand, seem to be enjoying the songs sung by the police officer.

Bhagwat Prasad Pandey, another police officer who is at present stationed in Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh. He is currently going viral for his unique and interesting ways of disciplining those who are violating the nation-wide lockdown. His unique style comprises of some Bollywood dialogues and poems in a hilarious way. His style reminds us of Chulbul Pandey, a police character starred by Salman Khan in a Bollywood movie Dabangg.

Recently, in a newly-released video of Tirupur, Tamil Nadu policemen were seen punishing the violators of lockdown by deliberately locking them into an ambulance. There was already a man lying inside the ambulance who was claiming himself to be a fake COVID-19 patient. The intention was to scare those people who aren't staying at home. The video got viral over social media.

It is needless to say that health workers, policemen and janitors are doing their best to control the COVID-19 spread. As responsible citizens, we too should abide by their requests and stay at home to ensure the safety of others.

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