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Man Calls Hasan Minhaj 'Anti-Indian', And What Happens Next Will Stir Up A Laugh Riot

Hasan Minhaj, an American comedian has been hosting Netflix's weekly show Patriot Act, which talks about the importance of Asian American voters in the US Presidential elections. Recently, a viral video shared by the comedian on his twitter handle took the internet by storm.

Basically, the video clip features Hasan, who took to the street asking people about their opinions. For the segment, he was speaking to a woman but soon the conversation was interrupted by a man, who was dressed in a colourful outfit and tri-coloured turban. Cheering for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the man attacked Minhaj by calling him an "anti-Indian". He accused Hasan saying, "Hasan, you are an anti-Indian man. You are not respecting our Indian, Hasan! Modi! Go Modi! I know you are from Sacramento. I am ashamed to say that you are from Sacramento."

What happened next was extremely hilarious. Minhaj asks the middle-aged man if they can take a picture together, and the man who was schooling the stand-up comedian took no time to happily pose with him for the photograph. He exclaimed, "Even though we have a difference of opinion, he is a good guy."

Now, that's funny! What do you think about it? Do let us know in the comment section.