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She Slept With Flat Tummy And Woke Up To Give Birth!

We all love surprises, but what happens when something really unexpected occurs?

Well, this is a case of a young woman who claims to have slept with a flat stomach and woke up to find out that she had a pregnant belly!

What is more shocking is that the young woman delivered the baby in just 45 minutes of her realisation!

Check out the details of the entire case.


Emmalouise Leggate Got The Shock Of Her Life

Emmalouise Leggate is just 19 years old and she got the shock of her life on a fine morning when she woke up with a baby bump that was not there one night before.

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She Informed Her Mum In Despair

When Emmalouise realised that she developed a baby bump overnight, she called her mom in despair and her shocked mum, in turn, contacted her grandmother to check if she could make sense of the bulging belly. When her grandma Louise looked at her belly she told that it was a baby bump.


She Was Taken To The Hospital

While her mum was driving her to the hospital, she gave birth in the backseat!


This Just Happened In 45 Minutes!

The entire scenario just happened in 45 minutes of her noticing the baby bump!


But How Did She Not Realise This?

It was revealed that Emmalouise had been missing her periods for a while and she assumed that it had to something to do with the contraceptive pills that she was consuming.

Strangely she had not even experienced any kind of pregnancy symptoms, or even morning sickness or any unexplained cravings that every pregnant woman feels. This was the reason that she never even considered getting a pregnancy test.

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Doctors Reveal

The medics revealed to her that the baby must have been sitting in her lower back, which is believed to be quite common.

Now Emmalouise has replaced the birth-control pills with a coil and is said to regularly get pregnancy tests, just to be sure that she does not get another surprise pregnancy!

What do you think of this case? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Monday, April 8, 2019, 10:25 [IST]
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