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Mum Strips Her Son In Public For Touching A Girl’s Butt!

Teaching kids at a younger age about abuse is very important. But what happens when the child does something unintentional?

Well, this is the case of a 7-year-old child from China who faced the wrath of his mum. She stripped him on the street for touching his classmate's butt!

Check out the details of the entire case of mum teaching the son a lesson the hard way!


His Teacher Had Complained To His Mum

The mum received a call from the 7-year-old boy's school. The teacher on the other side complained to his mum that he had touched a girl's butt in the class.


She Decided To Punish Him

The strict mum decided to punish her child on a busy street by forcing him to strip down to his underwear and squat in front of the shocked passers-by in Guiyang, China.


The Video Went Viral

The passers-by clicked the video of the entire scene and shared it online and the netizens had a mixed reaction to the entire scenario. Some were happy about the boy learning the lesson the harsh way while there were those who even felt that the mother was being way too harsh to the boy since he was still young.

The Mum Later Apologised To The Girl’s Parents As Well

It is not known that how long the boy stood in this position. But according to reports, after the mum was done with punishing her son, she called his classmate's parents and even apologised to them.

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Story first published: Friday, May 17, 2019, 12:29 [IST]