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The New Internet Challenge Is All About Putting Cockroaches On Your Face!

Internet challenges are a new fad and teens tend to blindly follow them to become the cool ones in their peer circle.

So many internet challenges turn out to be dangerous like the ice challenge and moving car challenges where people have been hurt dangerously. On the other hand, there are some disgusting challenges that teens follow.

One such disgusting challenge is going viral where people are challenging each other to keep cockroaches on their faces and click their pictures.

Check it out...


The Trend Started On Facebook

A Facebook user named Alex Aung had apparently started a new challenge as he posted a selfie with a cockroach on his face.


He Posted The Video With The Caption

He posted the video with the caption as "New challenge, can you do this?" Once he posted the video, it quickly went viral.


Nobody Thought It Would Go Viral

When Alex posted the picture and challenged people online, nobody thought that people would actually take up the challenge as cockroaches are gross and horrible. But it looks like the challenge is here to stay.


The Challenge Is Famous

Though the challenge started in America where cockroaches are considered to be pests, this bizarre challenge has become famous in other countries like Myanmar, the Philippines and Indonesia and teens have been posting pictures on social media and challenging others out there.

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 7, 2019, 17:44 [IST]