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Daily Horoscope: 14th January 2018

By: Shabana kachhi
14 January 2018 Horoscope |14 जनवरी 2018 दैनिक राशिफल | Daily Horoscope Astrology | Boldsky

Did you know that astrology was very much a part of regular science and astronomy? But the western orthodox society found a few things against astrology and therefore both these branches of science became separate.

When the science of astrology entered our country, it was mixed with the local knowledge and culture. Like everything else, astrology too was localised, leading to a new part of it called vedic astrology.

There are many differences between the western and vedic astrologies. Western astrology uses tropical zodiac for predictions; but vedic astrology uses sidereal zodiac. This leads to difference in the study of astrology. But the essence of it remains the same. 

Here is your daily horoscope for January 14th, 2018, according to your zodiac sign. Take a look.


Aries: 21 March-20 April

Good news is in store for you today. Your friends and relatives will come closer. Increase in wealth is foreseen. Business too will be good. You are predicted to get a promotion too.


Taurus: 21 April-21 May

Your travels will be entertaining. You will be happy receiving gifts from the others. The atmosphere at home will be joyous. Increase in respect and recognition is foreseen. You may host an auspicious occasion at your home.


Gemini: 22 May-21 June

You will be a little worried over sudden expenditure. Do not take part in risky matters. If you have applied for a loan, there are high chances of it not getting processed.


Cancer: 22 June-22 July

Your efforts to recover some bad debts will not be successful. However, your profits will increase. You may be unnecessarily dragged into arguments but you are strictly advised to stay away from them.

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Leo: 23 July-21 August

You will make new plans and succeed in them too. You are also predicted to take part in a satsang or a religious gathering. Support from elders is foreseen.


Virgo: 22 August-23 September

You will be successful in your religious endeavours today. You are also predicted to take part in a religious journey, which will be successful. However, your day will be hectic and busy.


Libra: 24 September-23 October

Your problems might increase due to taking decisions in haste. Matters relating to injuries, robbery or arguments will also keep you troubled. However, you will come across many chances to earn wealth, which will keep you happy.


Scorpio: 24 October-22 November

You might come across marriage proposals. You will receive the support of your elders. Increase in wealth is foreseen.


Sagittarius: 23 November-22 December

You are advised to exercise control over your speech today. You will experience some hurdles in legal matters. Do not take decisions in haste. Matters relating to inheritance will bring in profits for you.

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Capricorn: 23 December-20 January

You are predicted to take part in a fun event like a party or a picnic. Remember to carry a gift when going to a birthday party. You are advised to suppress any feelings of pride or haughtiness, as it might not go well with people around you.


Aquarius: 21 January-19 February

You might experience some physical stress today, as the day will be hectic for you. You will come across many hurdles in your path. Also, bad news is in store for you.


Pisces: 20 February-20 March

You will get more results with less of hard work. Your travels will be fruitful. It is a good day to invest in the share market.

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