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Daily Horoscope: 12 January 2018

By Shabana Kachhi
12 January 2018 Horoscope |12 जनवरी 2018 दैनिक राशिफल | Daily Horoscope Astrology | Boldsky

It's a beginning of a new day and all of us wonder how the day will go. If you have any important task lined up, you must be wondering if you will succeed in it. Though our fate lies in our own hands, it is an added advantage if the stars are in our favour.

Astrology is an ancient science which studies the relationship between the movement of the celestial bodies in the sky and their direct influence upon human lives. This is the way of saying that we humans and the universe are interconnected by a strong force. The cosmic energy binds us together and everything in our life in decided by this energy.

Astrologers have time and again tried to explain the phenomenon to us human about the way our lives are governed by external forces. We have often come across ancient scriptures which tell us that our fates are decided even before we are born and the only way to have a good life is to do good deeds. When you do good deeds, your force of karma becomes strong and all things turn out to be in your favour.

Astrology is a major part of science and it not just based on superstitious beliefs. That is why, it is slowly gaining importance and getting popular with today's generation. Do not be surprised if most of the people you know begin their day by reading our daily horoscope, you should do too. It will just give you a jumpstart for your day ahead.

Here is your daily Horoscope for January 12th 2018.


Aries : 21 March-20 April

Matters relating to Land and house will move forward for you. It is a good time to start construction of a house, if you are planning for it from a long time. However, you might suffer from some physical stress.


Taurus : 21 April-21 May

You will take part in a picnic or a fun party. You will be filled with positive thoughts. Your enemies will be dormant. You are predicted to be worried over a health condition today.


Gemini : 22 May-21 June

You will be worried over some domestic issues. You will be busy running a few errands today. Take care of your spoken words during an argument. Bad news is in store for you. However, today will be a good day for you wealth wise.


Cancer : 22 June-22 July

Your efforts will pay off. Matters pending from a long time will finally be resolved. Your work load will increase. Also, increase in wealth is foreseen. However, you will not receive the profits of your hard work. Some issues is marital life is also predicted.


Leo : 23 July-21 August

You will receive good news. Increase in respect and recognition is foreseen. Long travel is on the cards. You are also predicted to buy a new vehicle today.


Virgo : 22 August-23 September

All your efforts to move forward in life will be successful. The stars are in your favour. You will do religious tasks. Gaining employment is also on the cards for you.


Libra : 24 September-23 October

You will experience unnecessary expenses today. An old health issue might take you to the hospital. Keep yourself away from unhealthy arguments. Do not take decisions in haste.


Scorpio : 24 October-22 November

You will recover some bad debts today. You will come across opportunities to move forward in life. Be careful in matters relating to money barter. You are predicted to suffer from headaches. Apply some vermillion from the feet of Lord Hanuman to your forehead, throat and chest. This will help you keep all health issues at bay.


Sagittarius : 23 November-22 December

You will have to face issues regarding law and order today. You are advised not to take decisions in haste. Stay away from arguments. You will come across new opportunities in business.


Capricorn : 23 December-20 January

You will be inclined towards religious tasks. Issues with administration will move away. You are also predicted to come across opportunities to earn wealth. People will appreciate your special skills today.


Aquarius : 21 January-19 February

You might suffer from a loss due to robbery. Take special care in matters regarding money give and take. Do not involve yourself in risky issues.


Pisces : 20 February-20 March

Your love life will be smooth today. Any court settlements will be in your favour. Long travel is in the cards for you. Any important issue will trouble you. Pain or injury to your right hand will also cause you trouble.

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Story first published: Friday, January 12, 2018, 7:09 [IST]
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