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    Daily Horoscope: 11 February 2018

    By Shabana Kachhi
    Horoscope 11 February 2018 | 11 फरवरी 2018 दैनिक राशिफल | Daily Horoscope Astrology | Boldsky

    Astrology is an ancient science which has always been met with scepticism. That is because people have a notion that it is a part of Black magic and sorcery, just because it predicts the events of the future. But the truth is far away from it.

    Astrology is merely a pseudoscience that has a very logical way of predicting the future. More people are getting aware of the fact and embracing astrology and its power.

    The term Astrology simply means knowledge of the stars. The word 'Zodiac' is Greek for animal. The sky is divided into 12 constellations; each represented by an animal whose characteristics are reflected in the people coming under that zodiac. So are you aware of your Zodiac sign yet?

    Here is your Daily Horoscope for February 11th 2018.


    Aries : 21 March-20 April

    Your day will be full of risks today. You may also face a lot of issues. You are advised to exercise precautions during long travels. Accidents during travels are foreseen. Offering tulsi leaves to Lord Thakur will be beneficial for you.


    Taurus : 21 April-21 May

    You will receive the support of your spouse. Legally too, people will extend their hands for you. Matters of court will be resolved today. You are advised not to boost or insult any one as it may attract bad karma for you.


    Gemini : 22 May-21 June

    You are predicted to spend money extensively on guests today. Important deals in business will earn you profits. Increase in recognition at work is foreseen for you.


    Cancer : 22 June-22 July

    You will excel in matters relating to education. You will savour your favourite culinary dishes. Increase in wealth is foreseen. Your hard work will finally bear fruit.


    Leo : 23 July-21 August

    Your efforts will not pay off as well as expected. Deals made by you will earn profits. Do not add fuel to fire in case of arguments and try to pacify them as much as possible.


    Virgo : 22 August-23 September

    Your work load will increase. Your efforts will pay off. Increase in wealth is foreseen and earning it will be easier too. However, bad company may put you in trouble. Taking the blessings of your parents will ensure a good day for you.


    Libra : 24 September-23 October

    You are predicted to meet some long lost friends and build a strong connection with them again. They will keep their opinions in front of them. Make sure not to belittle them and avoid all possible chances of arguments with them.


    Scorpio : 24 October-22 November

    Buying new jewellery and clothes are in stores for you. Business travels will be successful. Promotions are on the cards for you. Good news will find its way to you today.


    Sagittarius : 23 November-22 December

    You may suddenly face hurdles in your path. Stay away from bad company. A robbery or arguments may be in stores for you and may be the reason for your loss. You are advised to be careful of an injury or an illness.


    Capricorn : 23 December-20 January

    Business travels will be fruitful. You will recover from some bad debts. You are advised o be careful of sudden expenses. However, sudden increase in wealth too is foreseen.


    Aquarius : 21 January-19 February

    Your deals will finally culminate. Love life will be smooth. Your best friend is predicted to be by your side. Support of your wife is foreseen. However, you may be troubled by some issues regarding your child.


    Pisces : 20 February-20 March

    You will benefit from a religious travel. Increase in knowledge is foreseen. You will be inclined towards religious tasks. Sudden gain in wealth is foreseen. An impending issue which is troubling you from a long time will finally be resolved today due to the lord's blessings on you. Wearing yellow today will ensure increase in wealth.

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