Daily Horoscope: 4th January, 2018

By Shabana kachhi
4 January 2018 Horoscope | 4 जनवरी 2018 दैनिक राशिफल | Daily Horoscope Astrology | Boldsky

Did you know that there are twelve houses in your zodiac? Yes, that's right. The twelve houses in your zodiac house represent different traits. . The study of all the houses of your zodiac, is important to determine your horoscope. Given below is a brief about each zodiac house and what it stands for.

The first house represents the house of lagna or the self. It is the most important house in the zodiac. The second house is the house of wealth. Everything related to money - like wealth, fortune, profits and losses are governed by this house.

The third house or the house of courage or siblings determines one's courage and intellect. The fourth house is the house of mother and pleasure. It determines our domestic life and its aspects like affairs, buildings, education and property.

The fifth house represents Romance and Children. The Enemies and Diseases come under the sixth house. The seventh house is the house of Marriage and Partnerships, while the eighth house represents Accidents and Death.

The ninth house is the house of Fate and Fortune. The tenth house is the house of Profession. The eleventh house represents Incomes and Gains and the twelfth house stands for Expenses and Losses.

Along with the houses, the positions of various planets determine your accurate horoscope. Astrologers study the effects of the planets in each of these houses and prepare a daily horoscope for you.

So, here is your daily horoscope for January 4th, 2018.


Aries: 21st March-20th April

You will come across plenty of opportunities to gain wealth. Investing in speculations too, is advised for you. The unemployed will get employment too. However, you may suffer from a loss due to change of mind.


Taurus: 21st April-21st May

All your expectations will be met today. You will also receive the fruit of your hard work. Focus on doing more good deeds. There may be some pain in your right hand due to an injury. You will be prone to misunderstandings today.


Gemini: 22nd May-21st June

You will have new expectations and hope today. You will receive benefit from the administrative sector too. All your efforts to gain employment will also be successful. You are advised to place a banyan leaf topped with honey near a peepal tree to remove obstacles in your course.


Cancer: 22nd June-22nd July

You are expected to receive employment today. Tasks relating to studies will be successful. Increase in profits in business is foreseen. Travels will be fruitful. You will come across many new opportunities. It is advised you plan every task carefully before you attain success.


Leo: 23rd July-21st August

You will gain unexpected wealth today, as there are chances of good fortune. However, you will have a fear of losing wealth, but will not. Arguments with a partner are foreseen. Issues with your spouse will trouble you today.


Virgo: 22nd August-23rd September

You will be prone to robbery today, therefore, you are advised to keep your valuables safely. Business will be good. You might get into an argument with someone. You might come across increase in expenses, which will be a cause of your worry.


Libra: 24th September-23rd October

You may suffer from physical stress today. You will recover from some bad debts. Investments will bring in profits for you. Your employment will increase your respect and recognition in the society. You are advised to donate a handful of 'chana dal' to a temple to remove all the obstacles in your path.


Scorpio: 24th October-22nd November

Your spouse may be the reason for your worries today. Increase in respect and recognition is foreseen. For singles, marriage is high on the cards for today. You are advised not to enter into any agreement, as the time is not right. However, it is a good day for matters relating to studies.


Sagittarius: 23rd November-22nd December

You will be inclined in religious pursuits today. You may also embark on a religious journey. However, your love life may face a few hurdles. The blood flow in your body will be hampered. Increase in your blood sugar level is also foreseen.


Capricorn: 23rd December-20th January

You are advised to keep your valuables safely. Do not mistrust your partner, as it might put you in trouble. For students, the studies that you do today will be highly beneficial for you afterwards. The time is right for you.


Aquarius: 21st January-19th February

Your love life will be smooth. Investments will bring in profits. You will succeed in examinations too. Take care of your speech. Aquarians are at high risk of injury to the parts of your body above your knees.


Pisces: 20th February-20th March

You will receive the sweet result of your hard work. Business deals will earn you profits. It is a good day for the unemployed and students. People in business should try to stay away from their enemies. You will get relief from an old health issue. Offer some rock sugar and raisins in a temple to your family god to ensure good luck throughout the day.

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