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Phrases That Define Lack Of Self-confidence

Few words will define your lack of confidence. Using these specific phrases makes the opposite person realise that you have less confidence.

Generally, these words and phrases do not complete the sentence or the action that you have been trying to convey, and as a result, it makes you come across as a person with low self-confidence.

So go ahead and find out about the words that define low confidence levels.


“I Hate To Bother You, But...”

Make sure you avoid using this phrase, especially when you are requesting or asking something from people. This might backfire as this gives the other person the power of reaction and the ability to turn down your request.

Instead, use phrases like, "Excuse me, do you have a few moments where we can discuss the matter?"


“Is That Okay?”

This phrase can be used on many occasions, but when it comes to asking for confirmation of your request, then it may sound like an insecure phrase as it shows lack of confidence.

Instead, use a phrase like, "Let me know if you have any questions."


“It Is Not My Fault”

Using a phrase like this shows that you let your pride get in the middle of your actions. This will definitely not equate to confidence and instead make you look like you lack confidence.

Instead, use phrases like, "How can I assist you to fix the issue at hand."


“I Am Sorry But”

Never diminish your self-worth when you tell a person that you are sorry. Remember that you do not owe anyone any kind of explanation for your actions unless this has a negative impact on someone.
Instead, use phrases like, "On the lines of what you were saying..."


“I Just...”

Using this phrase quite often seems to dilute the essence of what you actually want to convey. Avoid using this phrase until you are apologetic and be direct with your words. Make sure you eliminate the word "just" as it conveys the message of being remorseful and sorry even when you are not.
Instead, use phrases like, "I want to drink tea."

Story first published: Wednesday, November 7, 2018, 15:04 [IST]
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