A Triangle On These 5 Places Of Your Palm Indicates This

When you look at your palm, you can see that different lines overlap each other and some lines are quite dominant.

When you have a closer look at your palm, you realise that there are different lines and shapes formed by these lines.

 A Triangle On Any 5 Places Of Your Palm Means This

But do you know that many triangles are formed on your palm as well by these lines?

According to palmistry, the triangles formed on the palm have specific meanings.

What Does A Triangle On Your Palm Mean?

Check out what these triangles mean...


When The Triangle Is In The Centre...

If you have a regular and big triangle in the centre of your palm, then it is a good luck sign. This triangle reflects about your career and good fortune and you are believed to be a great leader. Your married life seems to be smooth and tension free.

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A Triangle On The Marriage Line

If you have a triangle on the marriage line, then it indicates that you are lucky regarding wealth. Your better half will be fortunate as your fortune will double after the wedding. Singletons do not have to worry as they will not face much financial trouble.


A Triangle On The Head Line

If you have a triangle on your head line, then it means that you will be successful in your career and academics. You seem to get things working in your favour quickly as you are trustworthy.


A Triangle On The Life Line

If you have a triangle on the life line, then it indicates that you are blessed with an energetic personality. You seem to come across as a helpful individual who is much appreciated by their bosses and colleagues. Overall, you seem to have significant achievements in your career as well.

How Exactly Do Your Palm Lines Predict Your Future?


A Triangle On The Wrist Line

If you have a triangle on your wrist line, then it is considered to be a promising sign. On the other hand, if the triangle is seen in the centre of the wrist line, then it means that you are born blessed, and you seem to have great luck through your life.

Wish to read more palmistry-related stuff? Check our section as we bring in some of the most exciting topics on palmistry and other predictions.

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