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    Venus Transit In Your Love Life On 20th Of April, 2018

    Venus will make a transit on the 20th of April, 2018. According to astrology, Venus is seen to make its transit from the Aries to Taurus zodiac sign. This transition of Venus is going to last until the 14th of May, 2018.

    Venus planet is said to rule the zodiac signs of Libra and Taurus. It is the Goddess of Love and the Venus transit happening on the 20th of April, 2018, seems to have a major influence on the love life of each of the zodiac signs.

    Venus Transition In Your Love Life

    Here, in this article, we are revealing to you about the details of how Venus impacts each zodiac sign. These characteristics are what define each zodiac sign with regards to the individual's love life.

    Venus Impact On Aries
    Aries tend to flirt and they are quite direct in their love approach. They seem to be expressive and ardent.

    Venus Impact On Taurus
    Venus is said to rule this zodiac sign. These individuals seem to appear confident in love with their partners. They are among the most loyal zodiac signs.

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    Venus Impact On Gemini
    These individuals are known to be comfortable in expressing their love. On the love front, they seem to be attracted to intellectual individuals, talk and aura of a person.

    Venus Impact On Cancer
    These individuals are believed to be shy, sensitive and sentimental; especially when its their love life. They are the most sensitive towards their home and spouse.

    Venus Impact On Leo
    These individuals are warm-hearted, generous and are known to seek attention. They are believed to be expressive in love.

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    Venus Impact On Virgo 
    These individuals are devoted and faithful. They have higher expectations and are believed to be timid in love.

    Venus Impact On Libra
    These individuals are ruled by the love planet Venus. They are soft-hearted, balanced, courteous in love.

    Venus Impact On Scorpio
    These individuals demand deep and a concentrated love life. They are a bit obsessive in love and are also believed to be highly emotional.

    Venus Impact On Sagittarius
    These individuals love to look for growth in their relationship. They are more realistic individuals who love people with whom they can have spiritual and intellectual connect.

    Venus Impact On Capricorn
    Love is a serious matter for these individuals. They are believed to be cautious in love. They look for maturity and reliance.

    Venus Impact On Aquarius
    Aquarians are known to relate to openness in love. They are often seen looking for friendship and companionship in love.

    Venus Impact On Pisces
    These individuals are unconditional, unselfish, and soft-hearted lovers. They are imaginative and spiritual in nature.

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    Story first published: Friday, April 20, 2018, 19:31 [IST]
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