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    Astrology Life Cycle According To Your Age

    It is a belief that life is a cycle that begins in birth and culminates in death. Between these two extremities, lies the beautiful journey of life. Now what happens in your infancy is pretty much the same for everyone.

    As an individual who has just been brought to the universe, all that you do is to eat and sleep. With time, you learn how to stand up, walk and play. After that, you are taught the basics of life (this includes both academic education in the form of ABC or the numbers as well as the moral education that your parents impart to you.) It is only after the second decade that your life actually begins.

    astrology life cycle according to your age

    On a similar note when you are ripe old, you become pretty helpless and depend on others to perform the most basic of tasks. However, other than these two basic phases, the active life of an individual (let's say the period between the ages of 20 and 95) is where their individual life differs.

    This active life, as we call it, can be divided into astrology life cycles. The day you acknowledge the importance of these cycles, you can embrace personal growth in the truest sense of the word.

    • Age 21 to 24

    This is a period of balancing, as Saturn is at a ¾ turn. This is in reference to the position of the planets at the time of your birth. Uranus, on the other hand is making its first 1/4th turn. This is the period where freedom and responsibilities are to be balanced. If a person dons the hat of responsibility and starts off by being true to them (Saturn) as well as not give in to what the society or other family members expect out of him or her, they will set out on the track of a lifetime of surprises and achievement.

    • Age 28 to 30

    This is a serious and decisive phase in any person's life. The importance of this phase is reiterated by the fact that it is ensuring this period that the position of the Saturn is exactly what it was at birth. If the decisions that were taken in the previous astrological cycle were not proper, it is bound to have its consequence here in the form of cracks. The cracks may range from having an unfulfilling career, negative relationships or the lack of opportunities. At this point, the cracks are minor and can be fixed.

    • Age 35 to 45

    Before we speak of this it is important to note that the period of your early 30s is a smooth one. Whatever decision that you took in your late 20s will govern this period and since there are no major transits to your personal planets, things will go on smooth here. Somewhere between the times when you are 38 to when you are 45, all the major 4 outer planets that are moving in their natural path will have a convergence. Thus, sailing through this period smoothly is no child's play and very few people are able to do so. Most people are struck with some sort of a midlife crisis

    • Age 52 to 58

    Having battled mid-life crisis in your mid 40s, the next few years are smoother in nature. It is only after one crosses the mark of 52, do things like Chiron return. Chiron is something like a nostalgic turn, wherein you tend to get back to the wounds of your youth. By this time, a person is well settled in his career and his or her marriage (chances are that children have also moved out of the home by then). This leaves a person with a lot of time for retrospection. The position of the planets do nothing to help in certain matters and one might find themselves revisiting old scars (an old breakup, not landing in the profession of their choice and so on).

    • Age 59 to 63

    This is where the second Saturn arrives. While this may be something that is looked up on, this act remains one that brings along with it a period of retrospection, wherein one looks back at the last three decades of his or her life and then decides all that he has achieved and the things that he or she has not. If one has listened to their inner calling during the first and second astrological cycle, chances are that this is going to be a period of ease. On the other hand, if someone has messed up the earlier junctures of life, this phase of retrospection will only bring discontentment.

    • Age 84

    This is the last crucial age in a person's life and you must consider yourself lucky if you have made it this far along. Uranus has a major impact at your life at this point. As we all know, Uranus brings along a new surge of energy and positivity. People at this age are usually done with their responsibilities towards their family and many of them were unfortunate enough to have suffered the death of a spouse. However, on a positive note, this is the point where one starts to live for themselves. A sense of carefree lifestyle comes in and under the effect of Uranus, this type of people radiate positivity all around them.

    • Age 90 to 95

    As of 2018, according to the WHO only about 1 percent of the global population live up to this age. The health and well-being of an individual at this phase is directly related to the decisions that he has made earlier on in life and his current perspective of life. Contrary to popular believes, this has got little to do with his physical health. The changes that one made at the second Saturn return that are coupled with the cycles of Jupiter and Uranus are the ones that have a direct implication in this astrological cycle of one's life.

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