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Daily Horoscope: 9th December 2017

By Shabana Kachhi
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We have been learning it from the very beginning of our education that Moon influences the oceans on our planet. But did you know that they have the same effect on humans too?. Considering the fact that a human body is made up of 70% water, it is something to ponder over.

It is said that our body is influenced by the moon. This means that some of our mood swings can be blamed on it. It also means that every celestial body in our solar system is affected by each other's energies and that they, being millions of kilometres away from us have a direct effect on our lives.

Astrology is a science which studies the direct impact of these celestial bodies on our lives. Your daily horoscope is created by the best astrologers to give you an insight about the various events happening in your life.

Here is your daily horoscope for December 9th 2017 according to astrology.



Your enemies will stay out of your way today. You are predicted to recover a bad debt. Your travel endeavours will be peaceful and successful. Your child may be the reason for receiving good news today.



All your plans will be successful. Your life is predicted to become more stable. There are chances of physical strain, which needs to be taken care of. You may be mentally stressed over some issue.



You will be inclined towards religion. You will earn profits and find support in all your political endeavours. Your enemies will be quite today and will not cause you harm.



Avoid tasks with a risk factor. Stay away from any tasks relating to machinery and vehicles as chances of accidents are high. It is a good day to start new ventures. Beware of issues with money barter.



Matters in legal field will finally be solved. You will receive support from your spouse today. Old friends and family are predicted to help you get out of a certain situation.



Any travel for work purposes will prove to be fruitful for you. Matters relating to inheritance will also be good. You will be happy in your field of work.



You will come across exciting culinary treats today which will satisfy you mentally. However, there are chances of you falling ill and suffering from any stomach ailment. Also, chances of recovering a bad debt are foreseen.



You are predicted to receive less income, even after working hard today. Bad news might be in store for you along with some physical stress.



You will receive the fruit of your hard work today. Increase in status and respect in the society is also foreseen for you. Avoid taking decisions in haste as they may prove to be loss for you.



Your economy will improve. It is a good time to invest in speculations. You will be particularly restless today.



It is advised not to take any decision in haste. You will receive some good news today which you will highly benefit from. Your child may also carry good news for you. It is a good day for your child to pursue their higher education abroad.



Your expenses are expected to increase. However, income will remain less. It is advised to take precautions regarding money lending and borrowing. You are also advised to be careful regarding any issue in your work field.

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