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    Daily Horoscope: 30 December 2017

    By Shabana Kachhi
    30 December Horoscope | 30 दिसम्बर दैनिक राशिफल | Daily Horoscope Astrology | Boldsky

    Our country has always held a strong place in the world when it comes to Science, Technology and innovation. Also, the ancient cultures of country such as Yoga, Kalarippattu and Vedic astrology are very well known and practised by people all across the world.

    When the Babylonians were the first to realise the connection between the movement of celestial planets and their effects on human lives, this knowledge passed through different areas and finally India. Here, the Indians already had some knowledge about this science. They combined their old knowledge with the new facts that they learnt and gave birth to vedic astrology. Eventually, this part of astrology became stronger and more accurate day by day, making western astrology fall behind.

    Vedic astrology is more accurate than Western astrology because it takes into account the natal chart of a person which is prepared at the time of their birth. The natal chart depicts everything from karmic influences in a person's life to all the other forces which are going to govern their life. Vedic astrology can also be used to give out daily predictions accurately by studying the movement of the moon and its influence in each zodiac sign.

    Here is your Daily Horoscope for December 2017 According to your Zodiac signs.


    Aries : 21 March-20 April

    Change your workplace is predicted for you today. All your plans may come to life. However, you are advised to take suggestions from elders or experienced before taking an important decision. You may suffer from physical depression. Health wise too, you may need to take care.


    Taurus : 21 April-21 May

    There may be some trouble in your legal matters as the judgement may be against you. But you will walk on the path of truth. Chances of gaining wealth are foreseen. Your enemies might try to create obstacles in your path.


    Gemini : 22 May-21 June

    Do not take decisions in haste. You are advised to exercise precaution when handling machinery or vehicles. Keep control of your anger. Also, stay away from bad company as they may misguide you. Do not let laziness take over you.


    Cancer : 22 June-22 July

    You will receive support from your political party. You will be occupied for most part of the day. You will also receive full support of your spouse. Chances of gaining wealth are seen. But be careful not to involve yourself in risky situations.


    Leo : 23 July-21 August

    Arguments regarding matters of inheritance will turn out to be in your favour. You will achieve success and your path will be easy and without any obstacles.


    Virgo : 22 August-23 September

    Your artistic pursuits will be good day. Your travel will also be smooth and entertaining. You will come across some exciting culinary treats. Over all, you will be in a happy state of mind.


    Libra : 24 September-23 October

    You will receive some bad news today due to which you will be a bit worried. You are advised to be careful regarding money barter. Keep your anger issues under control. Stay away from arguments and tasks involving risks.


    Scorpio : 24 October-22 November

    You will receive the result of your hard work today. You will be active towards matters at home and outside too. You might lose some wealth which was kept as security or guarantee. However, chances of gaining wealth are also foreseen. You might face some disrespect in the society today.


    Sagittarius : 23 November-22 December

    You might suffer a loss due to over-enthusiasm today. However, you will receive some great news. Over all your day will be good, but you need to be careful of some issues which may lead to your downfall. Business wise, it will be a good day.


    Capricorn : 23 December-20 January

    Your will have good luck surround you which will not let your efforts go to waste. You are predicted to receive employment too. Chances of buying new clothes are predicted for you today.


    Aquarius : 21 January-19 February

    Your day will be full of risks today. You might be mentally stressed too. Injury to right hand is foreseen. However, being a little careful may help you avoid the injury.


    Pisces : 20 February-20 March

    You are at high chances of recovering a bad debt today. It is a good day to invest in the share market too. You are advised to take care of your health. There is some wealth coming your way too. Plating a tree and watering it for 40 days will prove to be highly beneficial for you.

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    Story first published: Saturday, December 30, 2017, 7:30 [IST]
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