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    Daily Horoscope: 29th November 2017

    By Shabana Kachhi
    29th November Horoscope | 29 नवम्बर दैनिक राशिफल | Daily Horoscope Astrology | Boldsky

    Did you know that the sun and moon are also considered as planets according to astrology? These make a total of ten planets in our solar system and each of these planets represent a form of energy and distribute the energy as and when they travel through the 12 zodiacs.

    The movement of these planets around the zodiac lets us know about the important events happening or those that are about to happen in our lives.

    This is called the science of astrology. Often rejected as being non-scientific and superficial, astrology is slowly gaining importance as the scientific study of stars.

    Here is your daily dose of horoscope for November 29th, 2017, according to your moon sign.



    Your interest in religion might be weak today. All legal matters will be resolved. There are chances of gaining wealth for you. Your enemies will stay away.



    You are advised to be careful while travelling or handling fire, as chances of accidents are foreseen. Do not let any issue escalate.



    There will be harmony in your love life. People who act as hurdles in your path to success will be dormant today. Any impending matter will be resolved.



    There will be a few issues outside of your domestic life. Keep yourself updated regarding property matters, as there are chances of any event occurring. You will achieve things in life. New income sources are also predicted to open up.



    You will be surrounded with worries and fear today. You are also likely to incur losses due to anger issues. Bad news is predicted for you today. Overall, it is not a good day for your zodiac. Pray Lord Surya to ease your troubles.



    Your day is predicted to be hectic. Controlling your enthusiasm and anger is advised. Sudden chances of gaining wealth is also foreseen.



    You will continue to receive support from your spouse. You are predicted to receive huge rewards without much hard work. Increase in status and respect at work is foreseen.



    You will receive good news today. Travel is foreseen. It is advised to hold your tongue while talking. Old health issues will crop up suddenly, which will be the cause of your worry.



    Today is a good day to receive employment. You are also about to receive profits beyond your imagination. However, avoid taking risks. All work-related issues will also be resolved today.



    Old impending issues will move away from you today. There will be chaos in domestic life. Frivolous expenditure is also foreseen. It is advised to be careful. Also, arguments related to land and property will escalate.



    You are at a chance to recover from bad debts for the day. Any travel relating to work will be successful. Chances of travelling abroad are also foreseen. Your enemies will try to harm you today and try to create barriers in your way, so it is advised to be careful.



    You will come across new plans today, which will prove to be profitable for you. Your work will progress and impending tasks will be completed. However, the health of your spouse should be taken care of.

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