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    Daily Horoscope: 23 December 2017

    By Shabana Kachhi
    23 December Horoscope | 23 दिसम्बर दैनिक राशिफल | Daily Horoscope Astrology | Boldsky

    Astrology is a very ancient science which began two centuries before the birth of Christ. The Babylonians knew that the events in the sky had direct effect on human lives. Major events like passing of a comet, meteor shower or an eclipse were given importance. This is the story of the birth of Astrology.

    Astrology later spread to different parts of the world such as China, India and Greece. In India this science was combined with Local belief and religion to give birth to Vedic astrology.

    Vedic astrology is slightly different from Astrology in the west as it is more precise, with the moon being the main character. The presence of moon determines the events happening in our future.

    Here is your Daily Horoscope for December 23rd 2017 according to your Moon sign.


    Aries : 21 March-20 April

    You are advised to be completely focused on your goals. You will also be burdened with some important responsibility. Your confidence levels will be high. Try not to carry a very huge responsibility though. Spend your spare with in social causes.


    Taurus : 21 April-21 May

    You will earn profits in your business. Investing money further into the business should be done with proper planning for maximum gain. Pushing your career forward along with others or taking their help to make a particular decision will prove to be negative for you. Your love life will also face some issues.


    Gemini : 22 May-21 June

    Your confidence levels will remain high. You are predicted to help your spouse take an important decision. Spending a few light moments with your friends will prove to be negative for you.


    Cancer : 22 June-22 July

    It is predicted to be a good day for cancerians today as you will succeed in all your endeavours. Your marital life will be blissful. Single are also likely to enter into holy matrimony today.


    Leo : 23 July-21 August

    You will complete a certain task with the help of someone. Money matters will improve. However, you will be little worried due to rising expenses. Over, all it is predicted to be a good day for you.


    Virgo : 22 August-23 September

    You are likely to succeed in all your endeavours and reach your goals. However, you may be faced with a few hurdles on the path. You are advised to be careful while travelling today.


    Libra : 24 September-23 October

    An impending issue regarding money may arise again. You might also have to go to court regarding an issue. You are advised to offer a Ghee diya and a laddoo to Lord Ganesha to ease your troubles.


    Scorpio : 24 October-22 November

    The time which you spend with your family will be beneficial for you. Take care to proceed to any journey only after receiving the blessings of your parents. You will receive the support of your spouse. You are advised not to take any important decision today.


    Sagittarius : 23 November-22 December

    Your love life will go exceptionally well today. You will also come across new relationships. It is advised you give your complete concentration on any task at hand. There is some bad news in store for you. You are especially prone to accidents while travelling.


    Capricorn : 23 December-20 January

    You will finish off all tasks you had in mind today. You will receive the support of your spouse and your dear friend. However, an old friend is predicted to go away from you. You are advised to watch your words today.


    Aquarius : 21 January-19 February

    Chances of earning extra income are predicted for you today. Your expenses will also decline. You will also receive some wealth without working hard for it. You are advised to forget past mistakes and move on. You will come across a new friend today and you are advised to keep in touch with them as they may be helpful to you in the future.


    Pisces : 20 February-20 March

    You will have to use your brains to move forward in your career today. Do not neglect any responsibility and try to be aware of your surroundings as these things may be important for you. Offer water to a Peepal tree for good luck.

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