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Daily Horoscope: 16th December 2017

By Shabana Kachhi
16 December Horoscope | 16 दिसम्बर दैनिक राशिफल | Daily Horoscope Astrology | Boldsky

Mankind has always been curious about the stars and the universe. Ancient people knew about the connections between the heavenly bodies and human lives and therefore made an extensive study regarding the subject. Thus, astrology was born.

Astrology in simple terms means Knowledge of the stars. Did you know that the word 'Zodiac' is greek for animal? The Greeks were the first people to divide the sky into 12 zodiac constellations.

The term horoscope means the combination of hour and viewing. Studying the horoscope gives us an insight about our lives and our future.

Here is your daily horoscope for December 16th 2017, Know what the stars have in store for you.



Your life partner will be the reason of your worries today. However, all your plans will see the light of the day and will also prove to be profitable. Chances of gaining sudden wealth are foreseen. You will face a few hesitations in making decisions.



All your expectations will be met today. You are also expected to receive the fruit of your hard work. Travel is on the cards for you. Unexpected gain of wealth is also foreseen.



You are predicted to be happy by fulfilling all your expectations today. People in power will support you. Travel is also predicted for you. Any important work which you are striving to get done from a long time will be completed today. Your actions and speech will benefit someone today.



The unemployed will receive employment today. All plans relating to work and employment will be successful. Avoid undertaking any task with risks.



Chances of earning profits are high for you today as investing in speculations will also bring profits for you. However, the day will be quite hectic for you. Special attention needs to be given to health.



You will suffer losses due to Accidents, robbery or any other unfortunate circumstances. However, partnerships will prove to be profitable. Your lover will provide support for you today.



You might undergo some physical stress today. Chances of recovering bad debts are high. You might gain from investing in speculations. The unemployed will receive employment. All your hard work will pay off.



You will reap the benefits of your hard work today. Earning profits in a deal is also predicted. It is a good day especially for Students and the unemployed. Students are especially predicted to come across an opportunity to pursue their further studies abroad.



You are predicted to be inclined towards religious events. All obstacles in your path to success will be cleared. Things will go according to your liking. You are likely to benefit if you are searching for a job, are a student or planning to invest in Speculations. However, an old friend is likely to move away from you. It is advised to control your thoughts and speech.



You are predicted to lose some very valuable item today. You may find troubles surrounding you, but they may move away if you try to work on them. You may be worried over the start of a new business venture today. Students will succeed in exams.



You will gain from investing in speculations today. Avoid making false promises. Stars are in your favour. However, be wary of sudden losses.



Chances of gaining sudden wealth is foreseen. You will want to try to do something good through your enthusiasm and it will prove to be successful. However, beware of sudden losses. Chances of arguments with partner are also foreseen. Things at your work place will be good. If you are a student and want to do something in the educational sector, it is a good day for you.

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