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What? This Beautiful Temple Is Built With Just Beer Bottles!

The world is filled with bizarre places and things. Man is seen trying out on something new all the time and, most of the times, these things are bizarre that can make you wonder about their sanity level.

A temple in Thailand has been made by using just empty beer bottles. This has created a mixed reaction among people, as the locals there believe their sentiments have been hurt, while there are those too who gasp in astonishment for making this entire temple with just mere beer bottles!

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So, read on to know more about this unique, amazing temple.


The Idea Of Building The Temple…

The idea to build the temple with beer bottles flashed to a monk in the mid 80s, when few of his friends used the empty bottles to decorate their huts. The idea was widely accepted and people started to donate their empty bottles; and the result was that they had bottles enough to build a new temple!

They Had So Many Empty Bottles!

The monks had apparently collected over a million empty bottles that were of different shapes and brands, hence they decided to make a temple using this bottles collection! The end result is a really worth-watching site, we must say!

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Almost Everything Inside This Temple Is Made Of Beer Bottles…

Almost everything that was used to make this temple had the empty bottles in them. From breaking the glasses to using the entire bottles, these have been used in the best form possible. They had apparently made the temple in such a way that it looks astonishingly beautiful, which could have been a great challenge for an architect even. From bathrooms to crematorium, the entire temple is made up of beer bottles!

The Temple Has Buddha Figures...

The temple has two large Buddha figures. They are not made of empty bottles, but of golden glass mosaics. When you explore the place, you would find the fat Buddha, which is the one we know about the best and he is known as the Budai.

This is a great example of recycling the waste and making the best use of it. What's your take on it? Do share your thoughts on the same in the comment section below.

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