Miracle! An Aborted Child Survived All Odds & Met The Mother After Several Years

Becoming a mother has never been an easy task for many. There are people who are forced to even abort without their wish.

Most of the cases of abortion are due to teenage pregnancies or due to pressure from the families, as they refuse to take up additional responsibilities.

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This is something that happened in this case of a young woman who aborted her child and presumed it to be dead, while the baby had actually survived!

Check out the emotional journey of the mother-daughter duo.


She Was Aborted In Her 3rd Trimester…

Melissa Ohden's mum decided to wash away her pregnancy when she was in her 3rd trimester. She apparently went through saline treatment for 5 long days before she gave birth to Melissa. She turned away her face, as she could not see her child being aborted.

But Melissa Was A Fighter…

When Melissa was born, she was put in a bucket of saline in the backyard of the hospital, where the foetus that have survived the abortion are let to die a slow death in the buckets filled with saline. She was lucky, as 2 nurses picked her up and rushed her to the emergency room, where doctors saved Melissa's life, even though she had severe respiratory and liver problems. She even had seizures, but Melissa was a fighter.

She Was Adopted…

Once she recovered and was a toddler, she was adopted. Her foster parents kept her aware that they were not her biological parents, but little Melissa was clueless about the disturbing past that she had.

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She Came To Know About It One Fine Day…

One fine day, when she found out about her biological mother, she felt disgusted on what her own mother had done to her. She got into sex and drug addiction, while she pretended to be the goody good girl in front of her foster parents, as she was good in faking emotions.

She Decided One Fine Day To Meet Her Real Mum…

Melissa found details about her birth mother and contacted her. While the duo spoke over the phone, they both had no guts to meet each other in person, as the mother could not look at Melissa's eye and see the pain she had undergone for no reason. Finally, when she was 30, they decided to meet.

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She Forgave Her Mother For What Had Happened…

When her mother revealed as to how she was forced by her parents to get rid of her pregnancy, she forgave her mother. Now Melissa is married and a mother of 2 kids whom she gave birth to at the same hospital where she was left to die.

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    Story first published: Thursday, September 7, 2017, 17:59 [IST]
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