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The Shape Of Your Finger Can Help Determine Your Personality; Here's How

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Do you know that the shape of your finger can reveal a lot about your personality? Researchers have revealed that the shape of the fingers not only reveal about your personality, but it also helps reveal details of your health.

All that you need to do is check the shape of your finger and decide on what exactly it means.

This Is What Your Finger Shape Means

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So, go ahead and find out if your finger shape is based on any one of these 3 types...


Type 'A' Finger

You like to be sad and lonely. You also hide your feelings. There are times when you know how you can present yourself as being more independent and stronger than what you really are. You are an emotional fool and once you get closer to people, you are very nice to them. You hate lies, deception and hypocrisy.


Type 'A' Finger (Cont'd)...

You do not show emotions easily, as you appear strong, wherein it is just the opposite of it. You can be an arrogant or an eccentric person. Apart from this, you do not have problem completing the given tasks when you do not even like them.

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Type 'B' Finger

You are a little skeptical before you open up to people. You are an incredibly loyal person. You love to pay full attention and pamper the person you love the most. Although people do not think of you as being very sensitive, you are indeed an extremely sensitive person. This is because you act blunt and avoid situations where others can get hurt.


Type 'B' Finger (Cont'd)...

Apart from this, you pretend to be totally fine when left alone, but the fact is you actually are not, as you are afraid of being hurt. You also have a strong self-controlling power where you can stay calm.


Type 'C' Finger

You are the type of person who can easily get touched. You avoid holding grudges, as you tend to forget about things that can make you angry. You do not like exploring new things, as you do not want to deal with them. You always respect the opinion of others as well.


Type 'C' Finger (Cont'd)...

During a fight with someone, your ego level can be very high. But after the quarrel, you are the first one who apologises and makes up. You also love to keep your problems and feelings only to yourself. Overall, as a person, you are a very soft-hearted one.

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Story first published: Friday, November 10, 2017, 22:16 [IST]
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