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This Is How Your Birth Day Can Influence Your Life

We all love to celebrate our birthdays. But do you even remember the day you were born on? Which day of the week was it? Was it a Monday, Thursday or a Friday?

Well, according to astrology, the date and time of birth, to even the day on which the individual was born has a huge influence in our lives.


In astrology, the weekdays are assigned to a particular planet, that is, each day of the week. For example, the Sun rules Sunday, the Moon rules Monday, Mars rules Tuesday, Mercury rules Wednesday, Jupiter rules Thursday, Venus rules Friday and Saturn influences Saturday.

So, check out how the day you were born can have an influence in your life, the details are as mentioned below.

If You Were Born On A Monday

You are a person who is self-motivated and will be known for your kindness and sweet nature. On the other hand, you know to handle both your happiness and grief with grace. In the first few years, you disliked studying, but as years passed by, you slowly were known for your wisdom.

If You Were Born On A Tuesday

If you were born on this day, you will have a fiery temperament. And for this very reason, you would often end up having troubled relations with your close ones. On the other hand, you are believed to be egoistic throughout your life.

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If You Were Born On A Wednesday

For individuals born on this day, they will always have an inclination for religious and spiritual activities. They are known to have a god-fearing nature. They will be polite, humble and would also have undying respect for their family. Apart from this, they are known to work through their minds and not take decisions based on emotions.

If You Were Born On A Thursday

If you are born on this day, then you will have an intelligent and adventurous personality. As an individual, you are known for dealing with a difficult time. On the other hand, you have a great sense of intelligence. This will garner immense love and support from your loved ones. On the other hand, luck will always favour you!

If You Were Born On A Friday

You can easily be picked out from the crowd for your cheerful and ever happy attitude. You will have an immense influence on people around you. Since Jupiter planet is the ruler for this day, you will be blessed with extreme tolerance and also face difficult times.

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If You Were Born On A Saturday

If you are born on this day, you will tend to have a deep interest in the field of agriculture, trade or even technology. You may have to face some difficulties in your younger days, but with the passing of years, you tend to be careful of the people around, especially the ones whom you consider to be friends.

If You Were Born On A Sunday

If you are born on this day, you have a laid-back attitude towards your life. You are late bloomers in life but are said to have an immense luck on your side. On the other hand, you like to have minimal human interactions and are also considered to be social introverts. You are always seen trying to keep your family members happy as well.

So, which day were you born on? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 28, 2017, 19:00 [IST]
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